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Rabbits and hares can wear many different hats. Some animals may be pets or pests. Some animals may be used for laboratory experiments or as an entrée. Take this quiz to learn more about the rabbit and the hare.

Man has many uses for rabbits. What is one?

Rabbits are used to perform scientific experiments on.


Why are rabbits considered pests?

Rabbits can devastate a garden or crop.


What does the Easter Bunny symbolize?

The Easter Bunny symbolizes the rebirth of nature each spring.


What did ancient people consider the rabbit a symbol of?

The rabbit was considered to be a symbol of fertility.


How do rabbits and hares differ?

Among several other differences, rabbits birth their young in fur-lined nests, but hares birth their young on the ground.


How do rabbits live?

Rabbits live in groups.


How do hares live?

Hares are not social like rabbits, and they usually live alone.


How can you tell a rabbit feels endangered?

A rabbit communicates with its ears. Many types of rabbits press their ears back when feeling endangered.


How may a rabbit communicate that danger is near?

The rabbit may thump the ground with a back foot to alert the other rabbits.


How can you tell your pet rabbit is content?

Just like a cat, your rabbit may purr.


How long do developing cottontail kits stay in their mother's body?

After about 28 days, the kits are born into a nest lined with hay, leaves and fur.


What do rabbits eat?

Rabbits are herbivores and eat only plants.


Why don't cottontails need haircuts?

The animals are lagomorphs, and shed their fur every year.


Why do wild cottontails have a short survival time?

Wild cottontails survive for about a year, only because they have many enemies.


How long can pet cottontails survive?

Pet cottontails live safe from predators and can survive for more than five years.


What is the name for baby cottontails?

The babies are called kits, and a cottontail may have 25 kits in one year.


Which hare can travel at speeds up to 45 mph (72 kph)?

The jackrabbit is one speedy hare.


What rabbit has the most beautiful fur?

The Rex rabbit has fur like velvet.


What is rabbit wool?

Rabbit wool is very long rabbit fur.


What is a rabbit warren?

A warren is a series of underground nests that are connected by tunnels.


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