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Debt has become a household term in recent years. It's something most Americans live with, whether regarding student loans, credit card debt or steep mortgage payments. Learn all about one of the biggest growing concerns in America by taking this quiz.

According to a 2010 Gallup survey, what are the two top concerns of Americans?

Terrorism and government debt are keeping Americans up at night, according to a 2010 Gallup survey. In general, Americans believe these two concerns are significantly effecting their well-being.


What is a big contributor to household debt?

There must be open communication with your spouse regarding spending habits to avoid debt and living beyond your means. A spouse should never be sneaking purchases or lying by omission regarding purchases.


What habit is increasingly becoming a financial drain on families?

Online gambling, sport gambling or simply buying a lottery ticket now and then puts a significant financial drain on a household income. To make matters worse, more and more Americans report having significant gambling problems, resulting in financial ruin.


Each generation, the percent of savings that people accumulate lowers by ____ percent

Starting with the baby boomers, the percent of savings lowers by 10 percent with each subsequent generation. For various reasons, younger generations are simply not saving as much for retirement or emergencies.


Which age group has the second highest bankruptcy rate in the United States?

Even with decent salaries, young adults in the 18- to 34-year-old age range have the second highest rate of bankruptcy in the United States. Young people simply lack the knowledge necessary for effective money management.


Your debt should not exceed ________of your annual income.

To pay off your debt within your means, your debt should never exceed more than 36 percent of your annual income.


In the past decade, what was a big culprit of accumulating debt?

Americans were living way beyond their means, making impulsive purchases and trying to keep up with the Joneses. As the economy began to fall, people lost their jobs and began to suffer from reduced income, but kept up with the same monthly expenses.


In 2010, how much credit card debt in the United States was left unpaid according to bank reports?

Credit card debt is more the norm than the exception nowadays. American banks reported a total of $18 billion of unpaid credit card debt in 2010.


What happens if you cannot make your mortgage payments?

If you can't make your monthly mortgage payments, the bank will eventually seize your property. The foreclosure process is lengthy, however, and you can likely continue living in your home during this time.


What happens to the debt owed on a foreclosed home?

You may lose your home, but at least all debt on the home is forgotten.


What type of loan is not forgiven in bankruptcy?

Student loans are not the same as other loans. Although they typically have lower interest rates, you are still required to pay them off after bankruptcy.


Since 2006, how much has the American federal government given out in student loans?

More and more young adults require student loans to obtain a college degree, which is putting a heavy strain on the economy and the government, with nearly $300 billion dished out in government student loans since 2006.


What has happened to the American housing market in recent years?

The housing market has literally collapsed in the United States. Some people now are struggling to make their high monthly mortgage payments, owing more money than their home is actually worth.


What happens to your credit rating when you foreclose on your home?

Foreclosure is the only option for some people, but this results in a bad credit rating for many years. Unfortunately, this further perpetuates a personal financial crisis and even more difficulty getting back on your feet.


What's wrong with just paying your minimum credit card payment each month?

Although you may be playing by the rules of the game, only paying the minimum payment results in accumulated and unmanageable credit card debt. Also, if you are paying only the minimum payment, you may be living beyond your means.


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