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Raising children is no easy feet. Most parents want well-adjusted and intellectual children, but few parents know how to achieve this. Take this quiz and learn some tips on how to raise socially, emotionally and academically successful children.

What should you do with your kids if you need to get a chore done?

Your kids are less likely to get into trouble if they are engaged in a fun activity. Try setting up something fun for them to do while you complete your chore.


What simple activity can keep a toddler busy for a long time?

Toddlers love playing with cups and water. This can keep them entertained for awhile. The mess created by this activity, however; is another story.


Why do toddlers make such a mess around the house?

Toddlers are generally not trying to be mischievous when they create a mess. Rather, toddlers learn best by exploring, which can lead to a trail of mess throughout your home.


How can your encourage independence in your toddler?

Toddlers frequently want to do things on their own. Encourage this independence by making your toddler's toys accessible to him or her and provide your toddler with finger food for independent feeding.


When speaking with your child avoid:

Your child learns by example. Tell your child what he or she should be doing rather than what they shouldn't be doing. You should also avoid raising your voice or using “put downs” when talking to your child.


What should you do if you need to say “no” to your child?

Don't just say “no” without an explanation and a reasonable alternative. Children need to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills, even at a young age.


When having a “conversation” with your toddler, you should:

Toddlers need opportunities to try out their new language skills. Actively listen to your toddler and provide help with labeling feelings.


What should you do if your children get into a fight?

As long as no one is getting hurt, give your children a chance to work through their own fights without parental intervention. If things get heated, then separate your children and give them time to calm down.


How can you improve your child's bedtime ritual?

It's important to develop a consistent bedtime routine, such as bath, story and song before bed. You should also listen to your child's fears about the dark and bad dreams and provide insight or help for these fears.


What is a common disadvantage of being a stay-at-home mom?

Many stay-at-home mothers feel exhausted after a day of manual labor. Many mothers also report feeling like they accomplish little in the day.


What is one of the most important predictors of a well-adjusted child?

Your own well-being, as well as the well-being of your child's other parent, is the best predictor of your child's social, emotional and academic success.


Which of the following relationships best predicts your child's well-being?

Above all else, your relationship with your partner or spouse is the most important relationship in the household.


What percentage of a child's well-being is determined by the quality of the parent-child relationship?

According to the Cowans, well-known researchers in the field of family psychology, only 15 percent of a child's well-being is determined by the parent-child relationship. Another 15 percent is determined by the spousal relationship.


How can your improve your family's well-being?

Many parents put their kids ahead of all else. It's important to still take time to care for your relationship with your partner and to care for yourself.


Your parenting styles are somewhat determined by your own experiences as a child with your own parents. What percentage of a child's well-being is determined your family history?

Your own experiences as a child definitely shape, either positively or negatively, how your raise your children. According to the Cowans, approximately 15 percent of your child's well-being is shaped by your own family history.


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