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Ranching, as one of the great traditions of America, conjures up scenes of cowboys rounding up the cattle for market. Take this quiz and see if you have what it takes to be a ranch hand.

What is one of America's most enduring traditions?

Ranching is one of America's enduring traditions.


Where were the roots of today's ranches?

The roots are traced back to Texas in the 1800s.


What are vaqueros?

They are Mexican cowboys.


When did the American settlers begin driving the vaqueros out?

This began in the 1830s.


What happened in 1861 when many of the settlers went off to fight in the Civil War?

Cattle herds roamed freely and grew bigger.


How did ranchers keep track of their cattle?

They used earmarks and later brands.


What was the result of more and more farmers raising cattle?

Wide areas of the open pastures became overgrazed.


What did the ranchers do in response to this situation?

They began to fence off their lands to prevent cattle from roaming and make sure their land was not overgrazed.


How are cattle transported to market today?

They are usually transported by truck and trailer.


Is a ranch hand the same as a cowboy?

No, a cowboy herds cattle on horseback, while a ranch hand works on the ranch taking care of the animals and repairing fences, among other maintenance tasks.


What are the usual requirements for a ranch hand?

Most ads call for a high school diploma and training or experience in animal science or agriculture.


What range of salaries is offered to ranch hands?

Salaries can range from $20,000 to mid $30,000.


What kind of unusual benefits are sometime offered to ranch hands?

Benefits sometimes include a free supply of beef.


Is there a Web site dedicated to connecting potential employers and employees for regular working ranches? is dedicated to ranch work and DudeRanchJobs is devoted to working on dude ranches.


What is the most common phrase used in wanted ads for ranch hands?

Many use the phrase "jack of all trades," because of the varied tasks that need to be performed.


What is animal husbandry?

It is the general term for caring for animals: feeding, caring, calving and herding.


How relevant is physical strength on a modern ranch?

Because of the many varied tasks of the ranch hand, physical strength is still required.


How much weight does a standard job description require a ranch hand to be able to lift?

Most require that applicants be able to lift at least 100 pounds (45 kilograms).


What is the main activity for a ranch hand in spring?

Spring is usually calving season.


When are irrigation chores usually performed?

They are usually done in the summer.


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