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Some animals are rare because they don’t want to be spotted. Others are rare because humans have rendered them that way through poaching, hunting, habitat destruction and other factors. Some of them, like Bornean orangutans, are trying to catch back up, but can’t because they only reproduce every six to eight years!

The Ili pika is hardly ever seen through a combination of both those factors. First, the itsy-bitsy mammal is only 7 to 8 inches long and lives in high elevations of a mountain range in a remote area of China, which not a lot of people frequent. In fact, 2014 was the first time in 20 years that someone was able to capture one on camera! However, the fluffy little guys are also dwindling in numbers thanks to climate change, with fewer than 1,000 left. The Western lowland gorilla is another creature with facing a population problem, in part due to commercial hunting but also because of the Ebola virus in its native Africa.

Some animals are rarely seen because they are masters of disguise, able to camouflage themselves against their surroundings. So creatures like the western fence lizard and the gray tree frog, who blend in with tree bark, often slip right past people who simply don’t know what to look for! Indeed, some of Earth's animals have been seen by only a few human eyes. How much do you know about the rarest creatures on the planet? Take this quiz now!

How many northern white rhinos exist?

All three are held in captivity and protected by security 24 hours per day.


The Tiger quoll is sometimes called what?

Tiger cats are a type of carnivorous marsupial that's found in Australia and hardly ever spotted.


What kind of animal is a vaquita?

These little porpoises are critically endangered and found only in the very northern part of the Gulf of California.


When were vaquitas first discovered?

They hadn't even been recorded to science until 1958; now there are only about 60 left alive.


What is Poecilotheria metallica?

The blue metallic tarantulas live only in one small area of a reserve in India and are subjected to frequent human disturbances.


Where does the spoon-billed sandpiper breed?

These little birds have spoon-shaped beaks and are listed as critically endangered.


The Saola is often called what?

These little forest-loving bovines are related to cattle but look more like antelope or deer.


What was special about the saola when it was discovered in 1992?

Scientists hadn't documented a large mammal for 50 years before they found the saola, which is rarely seen by humans in Southeast Asia.


What solenodons look like?

They look like large shrews, and they have ultra-flexible, long snouts that they use to find food in Hispaniola and Cuba.


What weird trait do Solenodons have?

They are one of the only mammals that injects poison via special teeth.


Where does the bamboo lemur live?

Found only in Madagascar, these lemurs live to about 12 years of age and spend most of their days eating bamboo.


What kind of animal is the Lycaon pictus?

It is the African wild dog, an endangered species with a population of about 6,500.


How many toes per foot do African wild dogs have?

Domestic dogs have five toes but these wild does only have four; they are often called painted dogs because of their unique spotted coats.


What was the length of the longest reported black rhino horn?

Spectacular horns attract the attention of poachers, who sell the horns on the black market and damage the rare animal's population.


How do aye-ayes find their food?

The aye-aye, a type of lemur, will tap on trees to detect hollowed-out areas created by grubs, which they then dig out and devour.


How many different species of pangolins exist?

The eight species of pangolin all resemble an anteater covered with armored scales.


On which two continents do pangolins live?

Asia and Africa are home to the pangolin; each of the continents has four species.


What is special about the kakapo, a parrot found in New Zealand?

It is the world's biggest parrot, and it doesn't fly. Instead, it walks and trots all over the place.


How tall are adult kakapos?

Kakapos are about 2 feet tall, and they have faces reminiscent of owls.


The biggest species of leatherback turtles can reach what maximum weight?

They are the biggest species of sea turtle, and they have leathery shells instead of hard shells.


True or False: Leatherback turtles give birth to live young.

They lay eggs on sandy beaches, where poachers often grab them, a fact that's hurting turtle populations.


How big are the eggs of a kiwi, flightless birds from New Zealand?

At one-quarter the female's body size, kiwis lay the largest eggs relative to their size of any bird species.


What is a big threat to kiwi populations?

Mammals introduced by humans are a huge problem; cats and dogs, for example, kill many kiwis.


How many Javan rhinos are left in the world?

All 60 live in the Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia.


Fully grown, how much does a bumblebee bat weigh?

Found in Thailand and Myanmar, these tiny bats may only be 1 inch long as adults.


Where would you find the volcano rabbit?

These tiny rabbits weigh less than a pound and are found on the slopes of only four Mexico volcanoes.


What factor is decimating volcano rabbit populations?

Habitat destruction is fragmenting the few remaing groups of rabbits, making it harder for them to survive.


Durrell's vontsira most closely resembles what animal?

They look like mongooses and live in Madagascar; they weren't described as a new species until 2010.


Until being rediscovered in 1990, the Jamaican iguana had been considered extinct for how long?

Successful breeding of captive populations give this rare animal hope for the future.


How many Hirola antelope exist in captivity?

There are a few hundred hirola left in the wild in Africa, but there are none in human captivity.


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