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He wrote outlandish stories that taught concrete lessons in critical thinking and morality. How much do you know about Ray Bradbury?

Which writer was the first one that Bradbury attempted to copy?

He was drawn to darker themes from an early age.


The author's middle name was Douglas, in honor of whom?

Fairbanks, of course, was a Hollywood movie star.


In what year was Bradbury born?

He died in 2012 at the age of 91.


Bradbury has said that if he hadn't become a writer, he would have instead pursued what career?

Magic was something he greatly enjoyed before he discovered his passion for writing.


Bradbury was best known for which work of fiction?

He took a grim subject and turned it into an epic work of art.


In which novel does the character Mr. Dark appear?

The 1962 novel combines elements of horror and fantasy to chilling results.


What was the name of the sword-wield carnivaling actor who helped to change Bradbury's path in life?

The man touched Bradbury with an electrified sword (making his hair stand up) and Bradbury decided to create stories for the rest of his life.


In his book "Fahrenheit 451," what has society outlawed?

Citizens are encouraged to accept what they are told and to never question authority.


How long did Bradbury say it took him to write "Fahrenheit 451?"

It was a whirlwind way for an author to find worldwide acclaim.


Bradbury called "The Martian Chronicles" what kind of fiction?

He said the ideas in the book are so outlandish that they are more fantasy than science fiction.


When did Bradbury decide that he wanted to become a writer?

He decided at a very young age that he wanted to write stories that would outlive him.


What was the name of his first collection of short stories?

It was published in 1947 by Arkham House.


What did Bradbury call the Internet?

He really disliked computers, an odd stance for a writer who employed many elements of science fiction in his work.


Why did Bradbury give up playwriting for 20 years?

He admitted that his play writing just wasn't very good.


What was Bradbury's first paid writing gig?

A joke he wrote wound up on the "Burns & Allen Show," featuring George Burns.


In which high school organization was Bradbury NOT involved?

In his formative years, he was heavily involved in literature-related activities.


Why did Bradbury never get his driver's license?

He witnessed a horrible fatal accident that convinced him automobiles were a bad idea.


Where did Bradbury say he received his college education?

His family had no money during the Depression, so he spent countless days at the library.


In what year was "Fahrenheit 451" published?

One theme of the book was the idea that TV was killing book reading.


About how many books did Bradbury publish during his lifetime?

That doesn't include all of the short stories, plays, poems and other works that he churned out during his days.


For how long was Bradbury married to his wife?

She was the only person he ever dated.


What was the name of the self-published magazine that Bradbury created right out of high school?

He wrote most of the content himself and used pseudonyms to make it seem as though there were other people on his staff.


What was the length of the first draft of "The Fireman," which became "Fahrenheit 451?"

That word count doubled when the book entered its final form.


What was the name of Bradbury's breakthrough piece of writing?

The story revolves around humans and their interactions with the Red Planet.


What's the name of the fictional town in "Dandelion Wine?"

The made-up town was very similar to Bradbury's childhood home in Waukegan, Illinois.


Why was Bradbury not allowed to serve in the military during World War II?

Instead, he expended his energy towards becoming a full-time writer.


What does Bradbury's headstone have engraved on it?

Originally, he wanted his ashes to be placed on Mars, but he changed his mind.


About how many short stories did Bradbury publish?

He was well-known for his disciplined approach to writing.


What was a motivating factor for Bradbury to finish "Fahrenheit 451" so quickly?

The university typewriter facility charged him by the half hour, so he wanted to complete the work as fast as possible.


How old was Bradbury when he sold his first story?

It was called "The Lake," and it sold for less than $15.


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