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Fiction mimics reality, but sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. Are the following reality show titles the real thing or just good fakes?

"Dating Naked"

As you'll see, nudity is a common theme in reality shows, including the all-too-real "Dating Naked."


"Shaving Stars"

There's no shaving show, but "Whisker Wars" shows men battling to grow the most beastly beards possible.


"Amish Mafia"

"Amish Mafia" took heat in the media for perhaps portraying Amish people in an unflattering light.


"To Mars!"

Although there was no Mars-themed show, the British did produce "Space Cadets," which was actually a fake contest for people who wanted to travel into space.



Fortunately "Bridalplasty," featuring 12 brides competing for plastic surgery, only lasted one season.


"Extreme Cougar Wives"

Very young men make out with very old women in this very real show called "Extreme Cougar Wives."


"America's Most Smartest Model"

Another VH1 production, "America's Most Smartest Model" pitted pretty women against each other in tests of mental dexterity.


"Naked Desert"

There was no "Naked Desert" (at least not yet) but there was a "Naked Jungle." It showed nude people completing odd physical challenges.


"Pain or Gain"

"Pain or Gain" wasn't a real show, but we really hope we didn't give cheesy producers any ideas.


"Scream Queens"

Wannabe actresses play horror film roles in hopes of landing actual film gigs in "Scream Queens."


"There's Something About Miriam"

"There's Something About Miriam" was a British dating show featuring men trying to win the affections of "Miriam," who of course turns out to be a man, to the chagrin of contestants.


"Dating in the Dark"

Straight from the Netherlands, "Dating in the Dark" finds people looking for love, literally, in the dark.


"Rock Star: AC/DC"

"Rock Star: AC/DC" is fake, but "Rock Star: INXS" actually did have a TV competition to replace a dead lead singer; they subsequently released an album to very lukewarm reviews.


"I Cloned My Wife"

Nobody cloned their wife (yet), but there absolutely was a crazed show called "I Cloned My Pet," that detailed people who want to bring a dead pet back to life.


"American Stuffers"

Yes, "American Stuffers" really does show taxidermists stuffing dead pets as memorabilia for distraught owners.


"Naked Barbershop"

There's no "Naked Barbershop," but there is indeed a "Bikini Barbershop," and appropriately it is set in New Jersey.


"Australian Hoggers"

Although "Australian Hoggers" is made-up, "American Hoggers" details people who remove destructive feral hogs from the wild.


"Born in the Wild"

Women (purposely) give birth in the "wild" as part of "Born in the Wild," a reminder of why hospitals (and basic hygiene education) are so wonderful.


"Doomsday Castle"

A family awkwardly preps for the end of the world on "Doomsday Castle," which was featured on National Geographic Channel.


"Extreme Gold Diggers"

This show isn't real but it crosses paths with themes that seem to pop up in most reality TV shows.


"Breaking Amish: Las Vegas"

Two other shows followed Amish youth to places like New York and Los Angeles, but "Breaking Amish: Las Vegas" is fake.


"Vanilla Ice Goes Amish"

What is with people and Amish shows? "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish" was indeed a real show that aired in 2013.


"Man vs. Beast"

If you like animal cruelty, this very special Fox show, "Man vs. Beast," was made just for you. It was finally canned after public outrage.


"Naked and Afraid"

Naked people are ditched on a remote island and told to find a way to survive in "Naked and Afraid."


"Sperm Race"

This German TV show, called "Sperm Race," featured a real doctor who determined the "winner," whose little guys outraced everyone else's to a real human egg.


"Pet Nation"

"Kid Nation" was actually a show, one that found children establishing an adult-free society; it lasted just one season, or about as long as kids would last on their own in real life.


"Airplane Repo"

"Airplane Repo" finds crafty guys trying to repossess planes from penniless pilots.


"The Hooker Diaries"

We give "Hooker Diaries" best title for a nonexistent show — at least until someone produces it for real. Meanwhile, there was "The Virgin Diaries" which followed young people who choose chastity.



No it wasn't about very drunk people. "Tanked" showed aquarium designers putting together amazing waterscapes.


"Spoiled Rotten Pets"

If you are the type who takes your dogs to massage parlors, perhaps you'd like to watch "Spoiled Rotten Pets."


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