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They might not all be as handsome or charming as Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, but wedding crashers do actually exist! Let's learn more about this brave, if slightly rude, group, shall we?

True or False: All wedding crashers are just looking to have a good time and mean their unwitting hosts well.

If you suspect that a crasher is in your midst, either politely ask him to leave or have someone keep a sharp eye on the gift table. Crashers have been known to walk off with more than just a party favor.


How should a crasher dress?

Unless you want to draw attention to yourself, it's best to dress similarly to the rest of the guests, so be sure to figure out if the attire is semi-formal, formal or casual.


The best way to prevent crashing is:

There's no need to go overboard with paranoid measures like retina scans, but a little extra caution never hurt anybody.


True or False: A crasher should always bring a gift.

You won't stand out if you don't bring a gift, since so many people ship them ahead of time. Still, some wedding crashers choose to bring a silly, cheap present.


How should a smart crasher prepare for the big event?

It's always smart to blend in with the crowd and have a backstory prepared when you mingle with other guests. Otherwise, they might grow suspicious of your presence.


At what part of the reception should a crasher make his appearance?

Get there too early and you'll stick out like a sore thumb among the legitimate guests. Arrive too late and you'll miss the whole point of crashing!


What sort of reception should a wedding crasher avoid at all costs?

Simply put, if you show up uninvited to a sit-down dinner, it'll be pretty obvious that you don't belong. All of the seats will be labeled with place cards, after all.


If true anonymity is what you desire, what should you avoid when crashing a wedding?

The best way to draw attention to yourself is by cutting a rug with the bride. Likewise, if you want the bride and groom to be none the wiser later on, you should avoid having your picture snapped.


What should you do if you catch a crasher at your wedding?

By calling in the troops or throwing a hissy fit, you take the attention off your nuptials and place it squarely on the crasher. As long as he's not hurting anything, simply ask him to leave and continue with your magical evening.


Why do innocent crashers annoy newlyweds, anyway?

Some people really don't care if an extra person or two enjoys the fete, while others want the attendees to be only their nearest and dearest.


True or False: All wedding crashers try to blend in.

It's rare, but sometimes a fabulous reception in a public venue is just too tempting to resist, so people become impromptu crashers.


True or False: Even Prince William and Kate Middleton's high-security wedding had crashers present.

Princess Beatrice's bizarre chapeau nearly upstaged the stunning bride and her royal groom. Perhaps security should have been checking for crimes against fashion, rather than run-of-the-mill crashers?


How did Tashana Landray and Angus MacLane make it up to the couple whose nuptials they crashed on their second date?

The crashees declined the invitation, but Landray and her groom reserved place settings for them at their reception, nonetheless.


Who attempted to crash Kim Kardashian's opulent wedding?

How far did paparazzi go to get a pic of the non-royal wedding of the year? They scaled the fence of a neighboring estate, only to be tracked down and hauled off to the slammer.


Wedding crashing was first developed by people from what culture?

The history of wedding crashing may be lost to the ages, but it's safe to assume that people have always been willing to go to extraordinary measures to get into a good party.


What type of personality tends to enjoy crashing weddings?

If you enjoy breaking the rules and tempting fate, wedding crashing might be just the adrenaline rush you're looking for!


What should you never take with you when you crash a wedding?

Drawing attention to yourself, whether via a noisy dependent or talent showcase, is a bad idea. Unless you actually want to get caught.


The state with the most reports of wedding crashers is which of the following?

Since very few crashers are reported to the police -- or even identified at all -- it's virtually impossible to know which state has more crashed weddings than the rest.


What other types of events are people tempted to crash?

Whether it's a private gala or a block party in a distant neighborhood, any fete with booze and appetizers is a target for avid crashers.


What's the penalty for wedding crashers busted in the act by the police?

Crashers who only take a drink or two will most likely be escorted away from the party. Uninvited guests who attempt to make off with wedding gifts, however, could face stiffer penalties, including jail time.


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