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The Disney Princess franchise is big business, easily competing with the fortune power of real-life princesses. But how easy is it to tell the Disney Princesses from their nonfictional counterparts?

This princess was raised in hiding by a trio of caretakers after threats to her safety came to light shortly following her birth.

This is the story of Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty, who was raised in hiding by the Three Good Fairies. To further protect her from Maleficent's curse, every spinning wheel in the kingdom was burned.


This princess married her prince while swathed in a weighty collection of kimonos.

Japan's Crown Princess Masako's wedding garb consisted of several colorful kimonos that, taken together, reportedly weighed in at around 30 pounds. The dressing ceremony preceding the wedding took two and a half hours.


This princess didn't know her prince was royalty when she first met him.

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands and Princess Aurora of "Sleeping Beauty" were among the many princesses both real and fictional who were initially unaware that the dashing young men making their acquaintances were actually royalty.


This princess is an accomplished equestrian.

For so many princesses, equestrian skills seem to go with the territory. Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark, and Anne, Princess Royal of the British Commonwealth, are just two real-life example of princesses with impressive horse-handling abilities. Disney Princess Belle also showed off an ability to ride in "Beauty and the Beast," at least until some wolves seriously spooked her horse.


This princess physically intervened to prevent her father from killing a dashing adventurer who hailed from a distant land.

Although the details vary greatly, according to popular legend and Disney production, Pocahontas intervened on behalf of John Smith when he was wrongly accused of killing a member of the tribe and sentenced to execution.


This princess was highly renowned for her singing ability.

Lots of real-life princesses are probably good singers, but who better to look to than the Disney Princesses for examples of virtuoso vocalists. From Snow White to Ariel, supreme serenaders every one.


This princess was targeted by an attacker, but managed to escape unscathed.

Anne, Princess Royal of the British Commonwealth came close to being kidnapped in 1974. And while not exactly the same thing, Ariel in "The Little Mermaid" was able to escape from the evil clutches of Ursula, albeit because of her father's sacrifice.


This princess was married at Westminster Abbey.

No Disney Princesses tied the knot at Westminster Abbey, but plenty of real princesses have -- at least ones who are (or who are about to become) members of the British royal family.


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