Money MIA: Recovering Lost Savings Bonds

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Over $16 billion of unclaimed savings bonds lies in the Treasury's coffers. What do you know about finding lost bonds?

How much does the United States Treasury hold in unclaimed savings bonds?

The United States has approximately $16 billion in unclaimed bonds.


When were U.S. savings bonds first introduced?

Savings bonds were first introduced to finance defense efforts after World War I.


What was an early nickname for U.S. savings bonds?

The original bonds were called "baby bonds" because they were sold in small denominations.


About how many families bought U.S. savings bonds during World War II?

Tens of millions families bought savings bonds to finance the war effort.


What does an average successful hunt for unclaimed bonds yield?

On average, when a person has unclaimed bonds, the lucky guy or gal finds about $1,000.


What is the largest amount of unclaimed bonds belonging to a single owner?

Someone out there has 13,000 unclaimed savings bonds, totaling $2.5 million.


What's one thing that is NOT a U.S. savings bond feature?

U.S. savings bonds are nontransferable; they aren't marketable so they can't be sold to someone else.


What are the two most common types of savings bonds available in 2011?

Series EE bonds and I Bonds are available for purchase in 2011.


What is the penalty for redeeming sales bonds before five years?

Redeeming savings bonds before five years will cost you three months of interest.


What does a private bond fund?

A private bond will fund a company's growth.


Do private bonds offer ownership in a company?

Unlike stock, private bonds give the owner no stake in a company.


What is a bond comparable to?

Because bonds are used as funding and collect interest for their owners, buying a bond is comparable to giving the government a loan.


What is an undeliverable bond?

An undeliverable bond has not been received by the owner.


What does it mean when a bond has matured?

A mature bond is one that has stopped collecting interest.


What is a likely scenario for a person to have an unclaimed bond?

Both simply forgetting about bonds or having someone buy you one without your knowledge are common reasons people have not claimed their bonds.


What bonds can you look up on Treasury Hunt?

Treasury Hunt will show you mature or undeliverable bonds bought post-1974.


What will no longer be sold after Jan. 1, 2012?

Paper bonds will no longer be issued after Jan. 1, 2012.


What improvements will all-electronic bonds bring?

Cutting out paper bonds will save $70 million in costs and will also make owners easier to track down.


What is a common savings bond fraud?

Frauds offering "historical" railroad bonds are a common scam.


What's a great way to keep track of your bonds?

No really, the U.S. Treasury Department offers the Savings Bond Wizard online tool, which will update and keep track of all your bonds.


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