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When you have plastic surgery, you go through more than just a physical transformation. Your nip-and-tuck could have emotional consequences as well. See how much you know about the emotional recovery from plastic surgery.

Most of us aren't thrilled with at least one of our body parts. How much did Americans spend in 2010 to have one or more of those parts fixed with cosmetic surgery?

We shelled out nearly $7 billion dollars in 2010 to have our noses, breasts, chins, and other parts of ourselves minimized, adjusted or augmented.


By what percentage did plastic surgeries increase between 1997 and 2007?

The popularity of plastic surgery is on the rise. In just 10 years, the number of procedures jumped by more than 70 percent.


What is the number one cosmetic surgery procedure being performed these days?

The breasts have it. Studies find more women are having their breasts enlarged than are making adjustments to any other part of their body.


What percentage of plastic surgeries are being performed on women?

They're the fairer sex, and they're also the gender most likely to go under the plastic surgeon's knife. Women account for the vast majority (92 percent) of plastic surgery procedures.


What percentage of people who have plastic surgery are satisfied with the results of their procedure?

Most people (87 percent) who undergo plastic surgery feel better about themselves afterward. However, a small percentage leave their plastic surgeon's office feeling unsatisfied.


Which of these is a symptom of post-surgical depression?

If you find that you can't concentrate, sleep or eat after your surgery, you may be suffering from post-surgical depression.


Women who have breast implants are how many times more likely to commit suicide than women who haven't had the procedure?

Women with breast implants are three times more likely to commit suicide. Researchers don't know why the suicide risk is so much higher among women who've had breast implant surgery, but it may have to do with the women's mental state when they go in for surgery.


People with this condition that causes them to obsess about one or more aspects of their appearance are likely to be unsatisfied with their plastic surgery results.

Anyone who has body dysmorphic disorder cannot stop thinking about one or more flaws they're convinced they have. Research finds that even getting that flaw corrected with plastic surgery is unlikely to make them feel better.


What percentage of people who are seeking plastic surgery have body dysmorphic disorder?

Although only 1 percent of Americans overall have body dysmorphic disorder, among people having plastic surgery the percentage is about seven times higher.


Which of these treatments can help with post-surgical depression?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on identifying the issues that are causing your depression and then addressing those issues, has been shown very effective for treating post-surgical depression.


To ensure that your plastic surgery has a positive outcome, look for a surgeon who is certified by this organization.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends finding a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


If you were having an augmentation mammaplasty, you'd be getting which part of your body enhanced?

Augmentation mammaplasty is a fancy way of saying breast implants.


And which of these procedures reshapes the chin?

If your chin is receding or sticking out too far, a mentoplasty can help put it into better alignment with the rest of your face.


What procedure would you have done if your eyelids were getting a little droopy?

A blepharoplasty makes your eyes look wider and brighter by removing wrinkles, extra skin and bags under the eyes.


What percentage of women who have breast implants will need to have them removed in 8 to 10 years?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), complications will force up to 20 percent of women who have implants to eventually have them taken back out.


Which of the following activities may slow down your healing after plastic surgery?

In addition to increasing your risks for cancer, heart disease, and wrinkles, smoking can slow healing after a surgical procedure.


After a rhinoplasty, which of these do you need to wear?

Your nose will be sensitive to the sun for a few months after surgery, so you'll need to wear sunscreen every time you go outside to protect it.


What percentage of Americans say they wouldn't be embarrassed if their friends knew they had plastic surgery?

Americans are growing more comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery. Most (67 percent) would be just fine with everyone knowing they had "a little work" done.


At which age are people most likely to have plastic surgery?

It might seem like seniors are having the most procedures, but actually plastic surgery is actually more common in middle age.


In which of these places are you most likely to have plastic surgery?

Surprisingly, hospitals aren't the top spots for plastic surgery. You're more likely to have a procedure performed right in your plastic surgeon's office.


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