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Redfish are known by a variety of names: spot tail, puppy drum, channel bass and bull red. When you go fishing for them, there are a number of tips that will help you succeed. Take a few minutes before you load your bait and take this quiz to learn more about redfish fishing techniques.

Why are redfish called by this name?

Redfish have copper-colored bodies, hence their name.


Where on their bodies do redfish have black spots?

Redfish have black spots -- one or more -- just before their tail fin.


Why are redfish regarded as tropical saltwater fish regardless of their habitat?

They're regarded as tropical saltwater fish because of their jaw structure, which means that they fall into the same category as stingray and catfish.


The heavier the redfish, the more _____ its flesh.

The heavier the redfish, the more strong tasting and coarse its flesh.


How much can a trophy fish weigh?

A trophy fish can weigh in at up to 90 pounds (40 kilos).


It is said that redfish can live up to 45 or 50 years. Is this true?

Yes, it's true. Redfish can live up to 45 or 50 years.


When fishing for redfish, it's important to know what they eat. What is their favorite food?

Redfish prefer finger mullet, shrimp or crab.


What accounts for the redfish's rapid growth?

The redfish consumes large amounts of food.


Where can you get mantis shrimp?

You can get mantis shrimp from commercial shrimp trawlers.


Why shouldn't you use cut bait when diving birds are around?

When gulls or terns are around, you shouldn't use cut bait because the birds will go for the very fish you're trying to catch.


If you use a lure to catch redfish, what crucial component is needed?

You need to add a scent because this will maximize your ability to catch using a lure.


What is the advantage of wading over using a boat when fishing?

Wading is less obtrusive than going by boat, which often disturbs the fish because they hear the motor.


During what months do schools of redfish congregate outside Mississippi's barrier islands?

They congregate during the months of August and September.


How do they spread the word around when a school is spotted?

Usually when a school is spotted, they spread the word around by means of VHF radio.


Where is the Redfish Bay State Scientific Area?

The Redfish Bay State Scientific Area is located in Texas, USA.


If you are trolling for redfish, you'll need:

If you're trolling, you'll need some heavy-duty tackle.


Which of these would make a good artificial lure?

Both jigs and gold spoons would make a good artificial lure.


What is the name given to redfish weighing less than 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms)?

The small ones, weighing less than 15 pounds, are known as puppy drum.


Along the Atlantic coast, what influences the redfish's behavior?

The tides influence the redfish's behavior.


When do redfish migrate to Virginia Beach?

Redfish migrate to Virginia Beach in the month of April.


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