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How easy is it to locate redfish? Very! Redfish are an abundant fish and very popular for sport and hobby anglers. Take this quiz on redfish locations and learn where to find them.

What is the best season for redfish fishing along the Atlantic Coast?

The entire year is ideal for redfish fishing along the Atlantic Coast.


Which of these are redfish: rat reds, bull reds, red drum?

They are all redfish.


What do redfish have on the base of their tails?

Redfish have a large black --not red! -- spot on the base of their tails.


How old are redfish when they are considered mature?

They are in their third year, or between two and three years old.


Generally, redfish live in:

They generally live in saltwater, although they can live in freshwater, too.


What do these have in common vis-à-vis redfish fishing: Hatteras Island, False Point and Ocracoke Island?

They are all great fishing locations for redfish in the spring.


During the month of April, where do redfish wintering in North Carolina head to?

They head to Virginia Beach.


What makes North Carolina's Outer Banks unique?

You can catch some of the biggest redfish trophies there between April and May.


What happens to Florida's redfish populations as the seasons change?

As the seasons change in Florida, the redfish move around to different locations.


For some unknown reason, Florida's Waccasassa Bay no longer has redfish. True or false?

This is false. In fact, Waccasassa Bay is a prime Florida location for redfish anglers.


Why do redfish feed at creek mouths and near oyster beds?

They do so because they are feeding on baitfish being pulled out by the tide.


In the summer months, redfish swim in:

They swim in deeper waters during the summer.


How big are the redfish along the Georgia Coast?

They are 27-30 inches (68-76 centimeters) long.


Around Georgia's Barrier Islands, what sort of redfish inhabit the shoals?

Bull redfish inhabit the barrier island shoals.


Despite their size, redfish:

Despite their size, redfish scare easily, so you should turn off the trolling motor if you go out fishing in a boat.


What happens at Cedar Key and St. Augustine inlet basins during the fall?

At these locations, big bull reds are produced during the fall.


Redfish sometimes inhabit very shallow waters. What can you see then?

You can see their tail fins when they inhabit very shallow waters.


What do redfish feed on?

They feed on baitfish and crustaceans, especially at coves and jetties.


What are young reds called?

Young reds are called puppy drums.


Biloxi's Back Bay area is great for what sort of fishing?

Back Bay is great for fly fishing.


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