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Redwood National Park offers a splendid natural display of tall redwood forests, abundant with native wildlife and plant life. You can also choose from among kayaking, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing and other activities. Take this quiz to learn more about Redwood National Park.

In which state is Redwood National Park?

Redwood National Park is in northern California.


What are the entrance fees for children under 12?

Admission is free, not only for children but for adults as well.


When does the Jedediah Smith Visitor Center open?

The Jedediah Smith Visitor Center is open only between late May and late September.


Trees in Redwood National Park forests can reach 30 stories high. That's taller than:

They're taller than any other living thing on earth.


Does Redwood National Park have trees that are over 1,000 years old?

Yes -- some trees are close to 2,000 years old!


Which of these animals might you see at Redwood National Park?

You might see elk, deer and rabbits, as well as owls, martens and woodpeckers.


Why is it always dark near the forest floor of Redwood National Park?

The forest floor is always dark, because there is a thick canopy of branches and leaves from the redwoods above.


What is the name of one of the best hiking trails in Redwood National Park?

It's called the Coastal Trail, which is aptly named due to its offering a scenic, quiet walk along the Pacific Coast.


Why is the "Tall Tree" no longer tall?

The Tall Tree, once measuring 367.8 feet (112 meters), lost its crown in the 1980s when it fell off.


Is the Klamath a grove, a river or a mountain range?

The Klamath is a river, from where you can spot migrating whales where it meets the Pacific Ocean.


What accounts for the vegetation and unusually stout trees in Stout Grove?

The rich river soil from the Smith River accounts for the vegetation and unusually stout trees.


What did Tolowa Indians use Damnation Creek Trail for in the past?

They used the trail to gather food near the ocean.


What is the Emerald Mile?

The Emerald Mile is a long stretch of unusually tall redwood trees.


What happens to the branches and leaves that fall down from the tops of the redwoods?

They mix with hemlock and other species and eventually decay.


What animal eats the fruiting bodies of fungi on dead logs?

There is a certain species of vole that eats this.


Why are redwoods popular as a source of lumber?

Redwood lumber is known for resisting shrinkage, rot and decay.


When was a league to save the redwoods formed?

A league was formed in the beginning of the 20th century, which sought to save the redwoods.


In what year was Redwood National Park created?

It was created in 1968.


Which of these was incorporated with Jedediah Smith Park to form Redwood National Park?

Both Del Norte Coast and Prairie Creek parks were incorporated with Jedediah Smith Park in 1968.


In 1978, Congress added _____ acres to the original acreage.

Congress added 48,000 acres (19,425 hectares) to the original acreage, including 39,000 acres that had already been logged.


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