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Before the invention of motor-driven lawn mowers, cutting the grass involved pushing a reel mower back and forth across the lawn. Take this quiz to see whether you understand how a reel mower works.

Before motorized lawn-mowers, what reasonable option was available to a homeowner?

Reel mowers were, and still are, used.


How does a cylinder mower work?

The wheels of the mower spin a cylinder of sharp blades that cut the grass.


Was the 20th century invention of motorized mowers a total success?

Even today, many continue to prefer manual mowers.


In terms of dealing with the grass, what is the main difference between motor-driven and manual lawn mowers?

Manual mowers cut the grass blades, whereas motorized mowers tear them.


Under optimal circumstances, which type of mower is inherently less noisy?

The motor makes more noise than a revolving blades.


Which is easier to transport and store?

Their smaller size and lighter weight make the manual mowers easier to transport and store.


If you want a model requiring the least maintenance, what would you choose?

The manual mower requires little maintenance.


What is an advantage of a motor-driven mower?

Less physical effort is required to mow the lawn.


Which mower is safer to use?

The manual mower is regarded as being safer.


Before the early 1800s, what manual means were used to maintain home lawns?

Garden shears and scythes were usually used.


Who invented the first lawn mower?

British engineers Edwin Budding and John Ferrabee invented the first lawn mower in 1830.


What triggered the inspiration behind the invention?

A British engineer observed, at a textile mill, a machine that trimmed cloth with bladed reel.


Considering when it was invented, what was the major drawback of the first lawn-mowing machines?

These early mowers were heavy, cumbersome cast-iron machines.


Recognizing the need for portable power, what was the main obstacle at the end of the 19th century?

Small-engine technology was not yet advanced enough to be used.


How does a rotary mower actually cut the grass?

A rotary mower employs a horizontal, fan-shaped blade to cut the grass..


Would a tractor-powered reel mower be practical for an average home lawn?

Not at all. These vehicles are intended for the upkeep of sports fields and farms.


What powers a manual reel mower?

Physical force moves the mower initiating the cutting process.


Does the spinning reel actually cut the grass?

The stationary cutter bar cuts the grass gathered by the spinning reel.


Can a rotary mower harm the lawn?

A rotary mower actually tears the grass, which can expose it to disease.


Can you sharpen reel mower blades yourself?

Sharpening kits are readily available and the process is as simple as sharpening a knife blade.


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