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Depending on where you are in the United States, you might have a hard time ordering some of your favorite foods. Here's a quiz that will test your knowledge of some regional food names.

If you're in the South, you'd call a long sandwich with all the trimmings a sub. If you lived in New Jersey, you might call it what?

While New Jersey is the Garden State, you'd call a long sandwich a hoagie.


When ordering a soda in the Midwest, you'd probably ask for a pop -- true or false?

Pop is the word of choice for a soda in the Midwest.


The "Krystal Burger" of the South is known as what in the Northern states?

Sammy Davis was Mr. Bojangles, and as far as we know wasn't a fan of sliders.


In Southern states, pancakes are often referred to as what?

There is only one correct answer, and that answer is flapjacks.


Southerners love their cornbread, even though someone from Rhode Island might call it what?

All of these sounds reasonable, but the correct answer is Johnny Cake.


This mushy dessert cake was called Indian pudding by Native Americans, but something else by New Englanders.

The New Englanders called it hasty pudding.


People in some parts of the world might call this spoon-dipped fruit dessert a Pandowdy. It's really just another name for what?

While there are some differences, a pandowdy is really just the same as a cobbler.


This specialized roast beef sandwich is called what in Buffalo, N. Y.?

Stacked beef chip sounds pretty yummy, but it's known as a beef weck sandwich.


A steak sandwich in Philadelphia is called what?

Who wants to eat something called a "loinwich"? Cheesesteak sounds a lot more appetizing as the correct answer.


The Pennsylvania Dutch call their version of coffee cake what?

Famous for cooling in the kitchen windowsill, shoo-fly pie gets its name for a most obvious reason.


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