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What's the point of worrying? From learning relaxation techniques to discovering some strange ways to destress, it's time to chill, bro, and take a load off with this relaxation quiz.

So let's talk about what destressing does to your body. What's one lesser-known physical reaction to relaxation?

Circulation is improved when your body isn't stressed.


Relaxation techniques can include:

You don't have to sit staring at a wall to relax yourself.


Why would tensing muscles progressively help a person relax?

Tensing muscles and then relaxing them can increase your physical knowledge.


Visualization usually involves:

Guided imagery — as well as tapping into your senses — can create a feeling of peace.


What is autogenic training?

You can try focusing on your heartbeat, or a heavy feeling in your limbs.


What's one difference between transcendental meditation (TM) and mindful meditation?

TM works to rest your mind without concentrating, while mindful meditation focuses on attention and awareness of the body.


What is an element of qigong?

Either a static or active posture is important to qigong.


What is the basis of tai chi?

Originally developed for self-defense, tai chi has evolved into a gentle and meditative exercise technique.


Yoga is often used for exercise, but includes what meditative philosophy?

While some yoga practices can be strenuous, they still encourage being aware and cognizant of living in the moment.


Emotional Freedom Technique is promoted as "psychological acupressure" which can relieve stress, among a whole host of other ailments. What does it physically entail?

There isn't a lot of scientific evidence to back up claims for EFT, but hey — if it relaxes you, go for it.


What does ASMR stand for?

Oh, of course.


But what IS ASMR?

Some people report that things like whispering, personal attention or slow hand movements like tracing can make them really sleepy, relaxed or experience a pleasant tingly sensation.


What is ganbanyoku?

It is possible that laying down on the sidewalk in the summer would offer the same benefits.


What is cupping?

So it doesn't really sound terribly relaxing, but some point out it's not that different from massage.


Gently pouring a liquid over the forehead is a relaxation technique in what therapy?

Indian Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy involves slowly letting liquid drip or pour over the forehead, or third eye.


So-called Chinese stress balls — designed to relax the hand and even the mind — are traditionally called what?

The baoding balls supposedly target pressure spots in the hands.


Want to sleep better? Try this Japanese product:

Apparently, cows just waking up from sleep have more melatonin in their milk. Supposedly.


Want to stay rested, but not subject your face to the cruel cool air? Try this:

The idea is to block out drafts and light. It will also block out common sense if you spend $53 on it.


What's another real-life stress-busting product that you can actually buy for a mere $167?

Put your phone in the Hugvie, and it will vibrate and change tone to match the voice of the caller.


What is inhaled when you use the Relaxtick to wind down?

Vaping without the nicotine, Relaxtick supposedly has vitamins A, B and C in each inhalation. Never mind that you can't inhale vitamins for nutritional purposes.


A spa in Israel offers a massage from what unlikely masseuse?

If you find a lot of snakes slithering across your back relaxing … you must be a super chill person in general.


Maybe buying a product to use or even getting a facial is too much work for relaxation. Try this easy-peasy path to relaxation:

Although all three would work, it's the salt cave that supposedly will cure your hangover and reduce stress, among other ailments.


A 2001 study followed 48 people with high blood pressure and high stress jobs. What lowered their blood pressure?

Give Fido or Mr. Ribbons a good home, and they'll reward you with stress-busting and better health.


What can Germans take advantage of to lower stress levels?

It might not be terribly relaxing, but it will make you feel better.


Eating complex carbs might actually relax you by:

Unlike protein, carbs release serotonin.


Simple carbs:

So your Sour Patch Kids are going to give you a momentary buzz, but not as long or as satisfying as a piece of whole grain toast.


What vitamin has been shown to lower hormonal stress levels?

People who took vitamin C saw their cortisol levels return to normal faster after a stressful activity.


People who drank what beverage four times a day for six weeks were found to have lower levels of cortisol than those who drank a placebo?

Black tea drinkers also de-stressed faster, so grab a cuppa to relax.


Calcium has been shown to help with symptoms of:

If cramps and hormones aren't helping you relax, try some calcium and vitamin D.


If you want a calm, anxiety-relieving stone to wear, you might choose:

That's if you believe that crystals have any effect on the body, of course — but hey, wearing something pretty never hurt.


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