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Sports movies are a dime a dozen, but not all of them bother to take on larger social issues. "Remember the Titans," however, opted to challenge social norms of the '70s. How much do you know about this gusty gridiron movie?

"Remember the Titans" is a movie about which sport?

The film is all about a high school football team back in the early 1970s. Produced by Disney, it's an emotionally rousing movie with many action scenes.


The movie was a major Hollywood production. Who was the star of the show?

Denzel Washington plays the role of coach Herman Boone, a black man who takes on a leadership role in an area where most coaches are white.


How does Boone, a black man, manage to get a job that's normally reserved for whites?

There's an aura of racial tension at the school, and Boone is picked to help defuse the situation. His selection, however, does not go over well with certain students.


How do the white players respond to their new black coach?

The white players aren't enthusiastic about the pick and they threaten a boycott. They relent only when the former (white) head coach accepts a position as defensive coordinator and encourages them to remain on the team.


The story involves many race issues. Where does it take place?

The story is loosely based on real-life events that occurred at T.C. Williams High School in 1971. The school is in Virginia.


Boone is a head football coach, but he finds himself dealing frequently with which issue?

In the movie (but not in real life) all of the other teams in the area are all white -- and Boone is stuck trying to integrate a team with both black and white players, an effort that goes anything but smoothly.


The movie had Denzel Washington in the lead role. Who directed?

Boaz Yakin has mostly worked as a writer and producer… and he knew nothing about football when he signed up to direct this movie. He took a crash course about the sport in order to understand the game.


After Boone takes over the team, how do the white and black players get along?

The white and black players face off time and again, with both sides angry about the team's blend of different ethnicities.


True or false: The movie was filmed at the real high school that inspired the story.

The real high school wasn't a part of filming. Much of the shooting actually happened at a high school in Atlanta.


During the movie, the coach hopes to inspire the team by taking them to which area?

Boone takes the team to Gettysburg, a place made famous by the Civil War. The act is meant to inspire new confidence in their integration and teamwork.


True or false: The movie was a big hit at the box office.

The movie did very well -- it grossed nearly $140 million around the world. Those numbers more than helped it recoup the $30 million budget.


Boone holds a successful late summer camp and prepares for his first game as coach. What does a member of the school board tell him?

Boone does his best to prepare the team, but one school board member doesn't really like the coach -- and he tells him that if he loses a single game, he'll be fired.


What's the team's mascot?

The team's mascot is, of course, the Titans -- that's how the movie got its name.


How does the team's season unfold?

Boone's strategies and motivation work. The team manages to win every regular season game and heads into the postseason with exciting momentum.


During one memorable scene, Boone wakes up the team at 3 a.m. and makes them do what?

The coach is all about hardcore physical (and mental) training. He rouses the team during camp and takes them for a hard run to Gettysburg Cemetery. In real life, the team actually visited Gettysburg -- but not in the middle of the night.


Will Patton plays Bill Yoast, the white coach who is relegated to defensive coach instead of being named head coach. Patton was NOT in which movie?

Patton wasn't in "Spider-Man." He did appear in numerous other big productions, from "No Way Out" to "Armageddon."


Why does the chairman of the school board want Boone to fail as head coach?

The board's chairman is a secret (or not-so-secret) racist who doesn't like Boone's skin color. He wants Boone's season to end in flames.


What part of the original script was drastically changed during production?

Seeing as how this is a Disney movie, much of the script's profanity was removed. The company didn't want to alienate its core audience with foul language.


How do Yoast and Boone get along during the story?

Even though Boone got the job over Yoast, the two find common ground and manage to forge a successful partnership. Their cooperation inspires confidence in the players.


What happens during the team's semi-final playoff game?

The referees help to rig the game in favor of the opposing team. Yoast calls out one of the officials and threatens to alert the press… and the officials allow the game to continue on fair terms.


After the Titans win their first playoff game, their captain is hurt. What happens to him?

Gerry Bertier is the team's captain and a standout player, and he's paralyzed in a terrible car wreck. That means the team has to go on without him.


Which actor plays the role of Gerry Bertier?

Ryan Hurst plays the part of Bertier. Hurst is perhaps best known for his role as Opie in "Sons of Anarchy."


In real life, the team headed for football camp. What did the coach make them do?

Boone reportedly made the black and white players ride the same bus together so that they'd have to start learning how to get along. Integration was a huge part of Boone's job.


The film featured the always-popular Denzel Washington. How many Oscar nominations did it receive?

The film made money, but many critics panned the plot and execution. It didn't receive any Oscar nominations.


True or false: All of the players featured in the film are based on real-life people.

Many of the characters (and plot points) are complete fabrications. The story is only loosely based on real-life events.


Yoast is a potential candidate for the Hall of Fame. Why does his lose his chance to it into the Hall?

Yoast called out the referees as cheaters during the rigged game -- an act that infuriates the school board that wanted to see Boone lose. As a result, they yank Yoast's chances to reach the Hall of Fame.


Who plays Emma, Gerry's girlfriend?

Kate Bosworth plays the role of Emma. Bosworth appeared in other films, such as "Blue Crush," "Wonderland," and "Still Alice."


True or false: At the end of the movie, the team's unity is tested when they lose the state championship.

Don't be ridiculous, this is a Disney film. The Titans win the state championship and the glory.


At the end of the movie, all of the coaches and players get back together to do what?

Bertier, the luckless team captain, dies after yet another car accident. The gang gets back together to send him off and also to remember their gridiron glory days.


The real-life team won the state championship. What was the final score of the game?

The movie version was much more dramatic than real life. The real team won in a snoozer, 27 to 0.


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