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Remodeling your home can be a real money maker if you do it right. But if you start the project all willy-nilly without a plan and the least bit bit of knowledge, you can really hurt yourself, not to mention your bottom line. So before you gear up to tackle a home remodeling job on your own, take this quiz to measure your fortitude.

If you're looking for a lot of bang for very little buck, which room should you stay away from?

Although it can vary from house to house, most people agree that the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel.


You've picked the room, bought your tools and are psyched up for demo. Now what?

There's a list a mile long of things you need to do before hammer strikes drywall, and permits and budgeting are both on it.


What part of a home remodel can you do without much experience to save a little money?

Finishing work and framing are best suited for an expert. But if you want to save some money on your remodel, you can do some demo work without much experience. Just be sure to watch out for electrical and plumbing if you're demoing any walls.


Another way to save some money on a home remodel is to serve as your own what?

Some people elect to save money by working as their own general contractor. This means you're hiring individual craftsmen and maybe even buying your own materials, so your inner control freak can shine.


If you want real hardwood flooring but can't afford it, what's a popular alternative?

Laminate wood flooring provides an attractive but cheaper alternative to real hardwoods, which can get a little pricey.


What popular style of bathroom tile can you find underground?

Subway tile is chosen for the floors and walls of underground transit systems because of its durability and inexpensive price tag.


What's one important thing your contractor should have?

Big muscles and a pickup truck might be high on some people's lists, but you should really be looking for that license.


In construction cost surveys, how much money is the average small kitchen remodel?

A small size kitchen around 200 square feet costs an average of $19,000. Larger, premium kitchens can run as high as $75,000 to $100,000.


What's a good way to save money on construction labor?

There's a popular saying across all walks of life -- cash is king. In this case, save some money by handling labor costs with cash money.


What kind of cost overrun should you plan for on a home remodel?

It's rare for a job to come in on or under budget, so you should always plan for at least 10 percent cost overages. Some would even recommend planning for 20 percent.


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