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Removing wallpaper may not be as difficult as you may think. Strippable wallpaper is actually pretty easy to remove, while other types of wallpaper may require a bit more elbow grease for removal. In any event, removing wallpaper is essential for any home renovating project.

Why does new wallpaper adhere better to stripped-down walls?

It is strongly recommended that you take off old wallpaper before hanging new wallpaper, no matter how hard of a job it is. If you don't strip down the walls, the moisture from the adhesive of the new wallpaper can cause the old wallpaper to peel, which will essentially bring everything down.


Why should you avoid hanging new wallpaper over old wallpaper that has been lapped at the seams?

Here's another reason to avoid hanging new wallpaper over old wallpaper: Lap marks from old wallpaper can create bumps in the new wall covering.


What type of wall requires sanding before hanging new wallpaper?

You must sand down vinyl or foil wall coverings with a coarse sandpaper prior to installing new wallpaper.


What is the texture of most strippable wallpaper?

Most strippable wallpaper is smooth and plastic-like in texture. Yet, the only way to really find out if your old wallpaper is strippable is to try removing it.


What tool do you need for removing strippable wallpaper?

Strippable wallpaper is easily removed by prying free a corner with a utility knife. Once you do this, you should be able to effortlessly peel off an entire wallpaper sheet .


What tool do you need for the slitting method of removing wallpaper?

For the slitting method of removing wallpaper, you first need to make cuts in the wallpaper with a utility knife, razor blade or paper stripper.


How do you apply soapy water or liquid paper remover to the wallpaper slits when removing non-strippable wallpaper?

After you make slits on the non-strippable wallpaper, apply soapy water or liquid paper remover with a sponge or spray bottle.


What precaution should you take when applying liquid paper remover with a spray bottle?

Wear a painter's mask when applying liquid paper remover with a spray bottle to avoid inhaling chemicals from the remover.


How many times should you wet your non-strippable wallpaper with soapy water before attempting to remove the wallpaper?

Apply soapy water to the non-strippable wallpaper twice, allowing sufficient time for the soapy water to seep into the wallpaper slits before attempting to remove the wallpaper.


What tool do you need to remove non-strippable wallpaper?

After you have sufficiently soaked your non-strippable wallpaper, use a 3.5 inch-wide (9cm) wallpaper scrapper to remove it.


How do you scrape off non-strippable wallpaper?

Attempt to strip the wallpaper at a 30 degree angle, pushing up on the wet paper at the top edge of one of the horizontal slits.


What should you do if the wallpaper that you are scrapping breaks?

Removing non-strippable wallpaper may become difficult if you can't remove the wallpaper easily. If the wallpaper your scrapping breaks, resoak the wallpaper and try stripping the piece at a different spot.


What should you do if your non-strippable wallpaper is not coming off using the slitting and soaking method?

Don't give up yet! If the slitting and soaking method is not working, try another wallpaper removal method, such as steaming.


What is a wallpaper steamer?

A wallpaper steamer is a steamer plate connected to a hot water tank. You can probably rent a wallpaper steamer tank from a hardware or wallpaper store.


How do you remove wallpaper with a steamer?

Once you steamed half of a wallpaper strip, try lifting it off with your finger or a utility knife. If that doesn't work, try scraping off the wallpaper with a scrapper.


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