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Ren and Stimpy paved the way for later animated shows that pushed the bounds of TV — and human decency. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the crudest cartoon duo of the '90s!

What kind of animal is Ren?

Ren Hoek is a ratlike Chihuahua with some pretty intense anger issues.


What toy do all the cool kids want?

Fans of Ren and Stimpy know that everyone wants a log. It's better than bad; it's good!


What kind of creature is Stimpy?

Stimpson J. Cat, aka Stimpy, is an oversized cat with an undersized brain.


What is Stimpy's favorite word?

Stimpy's favorite phrase is "oh, joy!" He and Ren are known to sing a song called "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy."


Who is Ren and Stimpy's favorite superhero?

Powdered Toast Man is made entirely of powdered toast and can fly thanks to his super flatulence power.


What kind of creature is Muddy Mudskipper?

Muddy Mudskipper is a fish who can breathe on land. He's also a washed-up actor who once hosted a children's TV show, a la Krusty the Clown.


Whose catchphrase is "no, sir. I don't like it"?

Mr. Horse is a frequent guest star on the series. He typically winds up in bad situations, which provide the perfect opportunity to utter his famous catchphrase.


What year did "The Ren & Stimpy Show" premiere?

The show ran for 56 episodes over five seasons, from 1991 to 1996.


True or false: "The Ren & Stimpy Show" was one of the earliest Nicktoons.

The show premiered at the same time as "Rugrats" and "Doug," making it one of the first Nicktoons in Nickelodeon's history.


What does Ren use as a weapon in the episode "Man's Best Friend"?

In an famous episode that was kept off Nickelodeon for being too violent, Ren uses a canoe oar as a weapon.


What is Powdered Toast Man's day-to-day job?

When he's not defeating Waffle Woman and other enemies, Powdered Toast Man works as a youth pastor named Pastor Toast Man.


True or false: George Liquor is a Democrat.

George Liquor is so conservative that he refers to Republicans as Communists when he appears on the show.


Which cast member is always falling apart — as in losing body parts?

The former cartoon producer Wilbur Cobb is so elderly and demented that he spends most of his time falling apart, literally.


Where does Jerry the Elf live?

Jerry the Bellybutton Elf lives in Stimpy's belly button — until he escapes one day and reveals himself as Adonis, Lord of Chaos.


Why is Gritty Kitty Litter so great?

In the pilot episode of the series, Mr. Horse proves that Gritty Kitty Litter can stand up to even the demands of a horse.


Who wins a poetry contest in the pilot episode?

After he wins a poetry contest, the Gritty Kitty Litter Co. sends Stimpy to Hollywood.


Who pushes the history eraser button?

As Ren suffers from space madness during a trip into space, Stimpy tries and fails to resist pushing the history eraser button.


What family is often the victim of Ren and Stimpy's schemes?

Ren and Stimpy spend several episodes trying to pull one over on the Pipes, including a mouse-catcher scheme and rubber nipple sales.


What's inside the black hole?

When Ren and Stimpy pass through a black hole, they find a mountain of missing left socks. So that's where those things have been going.


What does Stimpy invent during the season one episode "Stimpy's Invention"?

Stimpy invents a happy helmet in an attempt to make Ren happier.


What is Abner Dimwit's profession?

Abner Dimwit is the sheriff of a town out West. He is so dimwitted that when he can't find any outlaws to hang, he hangs himself.


What is the name of Ren's cousin?

Ren is excited for his cousin Sven's visit, but his excitement wanes when he discovers that Sven is as stupid as Stimpy.


Who are the Louts?

Ren and Stimpy go up against Lump and Loaf Lout when they attempt a wrestling career.


What animal do Ren and Stimpy mimic to find homes at the zoo?

In an attempt to live for free at the zoo, Ren and Stimpy dress up as monkeys in one season two episode.


What monument are Ren and Stimpy assigned to guard during season three?

The pair take a job guarding the Lincoln Memorial and try to locate the treasure that they suspect is hidden inside the statue.


True or false: The Lummoxes are really humans.

Ren and Stimpy enjoy a nature show featuring the Lummoxes, which are actually obese, uncouth humans with animalistic behaviors.


What group of scouts do Ren and Stimpy hope to join?

Ren and Stimpy disguise themselves as girls in an attempt to join the Barrette Berets during season four.


What rarity do Ren and Stimpy attempt to get rich mining during season four?

The pair head to the Blue-Cheese Mountains to take part in the cheese rush with dreams of striking it rich.


What does Stimpy want for Yaksmas?

Stimpy requests a scooter for Yaksmas but instead gets a depressing box of Popsicle sticks.


True or false: Stimpy falls in love with a chicken during season four.

In an "I Love Lucy" parody, Stimpy lusts after a store-bought chicken, forcing Ren to fight for his dinner.


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