Rename All of These Countries and We'll Guess What State You’re From

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There are a few countries in the world right now that date back before our current calendar even existed. So we're talking over 2,000 years old. That's a long time for anything to be going by the same old name. Just like you need to spruce up your wardrobe and get your hair done different sometimes, countries really need to think about updates. And some do! You don't hear about Siam anymore, because they changed their name to Thailand back in 1949. But one or two is not enough. It's a new era, you need to put yourself out there. You need to tell people what you're all about. Does "Canada" tell anyone about poutine and polar bears? Not really, but they should. It's good advertising is what it is.

Lucky for the world at large that we're here to help. There's no need to keep things boring. Plus, there's a good chance we can learn some stuff about you if you help us come up with some new names. Like we can probably guess where you live right now if you help rename these places for us. It's not nearly as weird as it sounds, you'll see. Just take the quiz and be amazed!

Spain was one of the biggest powers in Europe for a long time but they're pretty chill these days. What should they be called?

China has the largest population of any country on Earth. What name does it deserve?

Some folks call Australia "Down Under." What do you want to call it?

Italy is more than just great food, it's got a long history, too. What should we change its name to?

Tons of people want to vacation in Jamaica, but what name would make it even more popular?

Egypt is home to some ancient history and incredible landmarks. What name might suit it better?

South Africa is not the most creative name if we're being honest. What works better?

Greenland isn't very green which means the name is a bit of a lie. Pick a better one.

Iceland, ironically enough, has a lovely climate. Surely it could use a new name, right?

Japan is by far one of the oldest countries on Earth. Help them get an update.

Greece was pretty much the center of the universe for a while back in the day. Let's give it an update.

India is a huge country with all kinds of stuff going on. Maybe they need a bigger, better name.

There's a lot of history and culture in France but the name has to go! Let's change it.

Brazil isn't just home to a massive rain forest, it's home to a name that needs to be changed. Pick one!

Russia is the land of vodka, borscht, and some impressive accents. But what should we call them?

Did you know that Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world? Maybe more people would know if it had a cooler name!

You can call it England or Great Britain. What else do you want to call it?

If you were in charge of Nigeria what would you be calling that place?

If any country should consider a soft reboot it's Turkey. Let's help them out.

South Korea may not want to change their name but who knows, it might be nice to have a new identity. What should they try?

Germany has more than sausage and beer! It has you giving it this new name!

What do you think you'd like to call Argentina?

A lot of people say "the" Ukraine when it's just Ukraine. Or it was until you renamed it to what?

Morocco seems like a place that's open to fun new things. Rename it!

Now down south to Mexico. Recommend a new name for them!

What name do you think would suit Nepal a little better?

Head up North to where the Mounties and beavers live. What's a good name for Canada?

The Netherlands definitely needs some sprucing up. Help them out!

Tuvalu is one of the smallest countries on Earth. Don't you think it needs a better name?

Let's start with the United States of America. It's kind of too literal, so what's a better name?

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