Quiz: Could you make Minor Repairs to Major Appliances?

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Major appliances are a big part or our everyday lives. Take this quiz to see how much you know about making some minor repairs to your major appliances.

What should you read before taking apart a major appliance?

Check out the owner's manual before disassembling any major appliance. It should have easy-to-understand diagrams and instructions.


What is the first step in fixing a major appliance?

Before starting any repair work on any appliance, make sure you completely disconnect it from the power supply, and also the gas and water supply if necessary.


What is the most common cause of appliance failure?

Lack of power is the most likely reason your appliance isn't working. Check the plug, outlet, fuses or circuit breakers to make sure that they're all functioning properly.


In the U.S., major appliances work on which circuit voltage range?

Large appliances such as air conditioners and cooking ranges require 220- to 240-volt wiring.


Which type of appliance must be plugged into a grounded outlet?

Large appliances with a grounding wire will have a power plug with two blades and a prong. They must be plugged into a grounded outlet or grounded with a special adapter plug.


In which component of a major appliance is a problem most likely to occur?

In major appliances, malfunctions are likely to occur in any of the control devices or the mechanical/power components.


What's the best way to diagnose a problem with your appliance?

Examine each part of the appliance's mechanical systems to find the faulty piece. Since appliance components work together in a logical order, you can test the components one at a time to isolate the problem.


What's usually the best way to deal with a broken appliance part?

Most of the time, it makes sense to replace broken appliance parts rather than repair them. Replace any faulty parts with new ones made especially for that appliance whenever possible.


Where can you buy reliable replacement parts for your major appliances?

You can buy replacement parts from appliance service centers, appliance dealers and home improvement stores. A great option is to order the part online directly from the appliance manufacturer.


Which device instantly shuts off a circuit when an electric current leak occurs?

A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFI or GFCI) instantly turns off a circuit when a current leak occurs. In the U.S., the National Electrical Code requires them on all newly installed 15- and 20-amp outdoor outlets and in bathrooms.


Which appliances can be considered shockproof?

No appliance is completely shockproof. You should exercise caution when using any type of electrical device.


How should you test frayed or worn electric plugs and cords?

Use a continuity tester to test an electric cord or plug. If the tester reacts at every test point, the cord is in good working order.


What is the function of any appliance gasket?

To keep your appliances airtight and watertight, check the gaskets regularly. Gaskets should have a spongy, pliable texture.


How many common types of appliance gaskets are there?

Flush-mounted gaskets and channel-mounted gaskets are the two most common types, held in place by either screws and panels or a retaining groove.


How many different switches are there in electrical appliances?

There are several types of appliance switches: Push buttons, toggles, rockers, slides and throw switches all play a part in appliance operation.


How do you reattach wires when installing any new component in your appliance?

When you install any new component in a major appliance, be sure you reattach the wires the way they originally were.


In what direction does current travel through an appliance?

Electrical current makes a complete circuit through the switch and the line wires, traveling in a loop through the appliance.


What's the purpose of an appliance thermostat?

The appliance thermostat functions much as any other thermostat; it controls temperature in a heating element or in a cooling device.


How do solenoids keep an appliance running smoothly?

A solenoid is a very cool device: It operating switches, levers and valves automatically, allowing appliances such as dishwashers to run smoothly through many cycles and functions.


How can you prolong the life of your major appliance's motor?

Major appliance motors are very reliable, and they should last for many years if you regularly clean and lubricate them.


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