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Doorbell broken? Missing its cheerful chime? Well, take our quiz and get step-by-step guidance on how to repair it yourself.

What is most likely broken when your doorbell stops working?

When your doorbell stops working, it could be any part of the circuitry that could have stopped working: the button, bell or transformer.


On how many volts does a doorbell operate on?

A doorbell operates on a voltage of 10 to 18. The transformer's function is to minimize the 100 to 120 volt current to the amount needed for the doorbell to function.


On what parts of the doorbell can you work on without turning off the power?

You can work safely on the bell and button without turning off the power; you need to switch off the power if fiddling with the transformer.


After you pull the doorbell button off your wall and detach the wires, how can you tell if the button is the problem?

Put the bare ends of the wire together. If the doorbell rings, you know the button needs replacing.


What type of switch is a doorbell button?

A doorbell button is a single-pole switch, meaning that there are two wires attached, and either wire can be attached to either terminal screw.


How should your first try to remove a doorbell cover?

When removing the cover off a doorbell, first lift up the cover and pull. If that doesn't work, pull it out straight, without lifting it up. If that doesn’t work, look for prongs that may be holding it together and gently open them up.


How many wires are there in a standard bell?

A standard doorbell has two wires, but the number of wires will depend on the number of chime tones your doorbell has.


What can be used to test the wires inside the doorbell?

The wires need to be tested using a 12-volt circuit tester. Another bell or a car lamp can be used for this purpose.


What does it mean if the testing item does not respond when you push the doorbell button?

If the testing item doesn't work, the problem is probably with the transformer. If it does work, the bell just needs to be replaced.


When you are fixing a doorbell, when should you tag the internal wires with masking tape?

Tag your wires with masking tape if you have three or more wires. This will prevent you from reconnecting them to the wrong terminals.


When fixing a doorbell, what process do you use to work out which part of the mechanism is causing the problem?

Through the process of elimination, you first determine if it is the button malfunctioning, then if it is the bell and then the terminator.


Where can you find a transformer's voltage and wattage information?

Once you have confirmed that the transformer is not working by connecting a testing device to the transformer's terminal wires, you will need to replace the transformer. Make sure to purchase a replacement with the same voltage and wattage -- the information will be stamped on the transformer.


What should you use to connect a transformer to the circuit wires of your electrical system?

To connect a transformer to the circuit wires of your electrical system, use crimp on connectors or wire nuts. Follow the instruction manual for installing a transformer carefully.


If the transformer or power circuit are working, then what is malfunctioning?

If the transformer and power circuit are working, the only other possibility is that there is a break or loose connection in the bell wiring. Trace the circuit, searching for loose screws or wires.


If there are no loose screws or wire joints in a bell circuit, how can you further test the bell's wiring?

You can further test the bell's wiring by checking each segment of the circuit with a continuity tester. Make sure to remember to disconnect the bell circuit so that you don't get fried.


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