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Is your car trapped inside because your garage door is stuck? On the other hand, is a faulty door keeping your car out in the cold? You don't have to be shut in or out. Take our quiz and learn how to fix it!

How many components are there to a garage door?

There are two main parts to a garage door: the door itself and the opener.


What does an overhead garage door operate on?

An overhead garage door, either the roll up or swing-up type, operates on spring tension.


What is the first thing you should check if your garage door is not working?

The first thing you should check if your garage door is malfunctioning is the metal tracks inside the garage. Look for loose screws in the mounting brackets and dents and flat spots in the tracks.


If there are dents or flat spots in garage door tracks, how can you fix them?

If there are dents or flat spots in your garage door tracks, pound them out using a rubber mallet, hammer or block of wood. If they are badly damaged, replace them.


What should you use to check the tracks to make sure they are properly aligned?

Make sure the tracks are properly aligned using a level. If they are not, loosen the screws on the mounting brackets and gently move the tracks into place.


How should horizontal tracks be positioned?

Horizontal tracks should slant slightly downward toward the back of the garage; vertical tracks should be plumb. Both sets of tracks should be the same height on the wall.


What should be used to clean the tracks and rollers?

The rollers and tracks should be cleaned with concentrated household cleaners. They should be dried and then lubricated with lubricant spray or powdered graphite.


How can sagging on one side of a garage door be corrected?

Sagging on one side of the garage door can be corrected by servicing the hinges -- tightening loose screws and replacing damaged hinges.


What can you do if a screw hole on a hinge is enlarged?

Replace the screw with a longer one of the same diameter, using a hollow fiber plug dipped in carpenter's glue along with the new screw.


In what case should you not try to fix the spring on your garage door yourself, but leave it to a professional?

If your roll up garage door has only one torsion spring in the center, you should not try to fix it yourself. The tension in it is so great, it could easily injure you.


How do the springs work on a roll up door?

On a roll up door, the spring is controlled by a cable attached to a pulley -- to tighten, pull the cable farther through the plate and re-knot. A swing up door has springs that are hooked into notches, to increase the tension, hook the spring into the next hole or notch.


What kind of motor does a typical garage door opener have?

A typical garage door opener has a reversible motor to move the door from opened to closed positions and back. The motor drives a carriage along a rail.


Where should a garage door opener be installed?

A garage door opener should be installed at the center of the door. Use a tape measure to get the exact position and mark it with a pencil line. The center is half the width of the garage door.


When raising and lowering the door, what should you observe?

Open and close the door and observe the door's highest point of travel. You need to mark this so that you install the rail of the door opener high enough that the door does not strike it.


What should the measurements of the rail's supporting plank be?

If your garage wall does not have a structure suitable to support the rail of the garage door opener, you will need to install a two by six inch inch (5 cm by 15 cm) support plank.


What kind of screws does the rail attach to the supporting plank with?

The rail usually attaches with lag screws. However, if bolts and nuts are provided, you must drill suitable holes through the front mounting plank and use washers under the heads of the bolts to keep them from pressing into the wood.


Where should the rail be attached?

The rail should be attached to the motor unit on the garage floor. Then the outermost end of the rail should be attached to the mounting board two inches (5 cm) above the point where the garage door center and highest travel point intersect.


Where should you install the motor unit?

The motor unit should be installed at the point where the rail is parallel to the door track. Then check that the rail's location does not interfere with the door's movement by raising and lowering the door by hand.


What can you use to install the push button?

You can use ordinary bell wires to install the push buttons. Just make sure to install the buttons in a place where you can see the garage door in operation.


When testing your newly installed garage door, where you should you plug in the drive assembly cord?

When testing your newly installed garage door, you should you plug the drive assembly cord into an extension cord. Once you are satisfied with how it is functioning, then you can plug it into its permanent outlet.


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