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What, it's raining indoors? Yes, the roof is leaking and your floor is fast becoming a swimming pool. When roofs leak, it is usually caused by localized damaged that you can fix yourself, if you take our quiz and follow our instructions and safety precautions carefully!

What is the easiest roof to repair?

A shingle roof is the easiest to repair. At the point where it is leaking, look for damaged or missing shingles and for gaps in the lines of roof cement.


If you cannot find any damage, what should you do?

If you cannot find any damage, you should call a professional roofer, because it probably means there is inadequate flashing or many deteriorated shingles.


In cold weather, how should you straighten out a curled roof shingle?

The cold makes roof shingles very brittle, so before attempting to straighten it out, you will need to warm it with a propane torch. Make sure to warm it until it is soft enough to handle, but not too hot that it will catch fire.


What do you reattach a curled roof shingle with?

To reattach a curled roof shingle once you have straightened it out, apply a dollop of roof cement to each corner.


How can you tell if a shingle is rotten?

Any shingle that lifts off the roof with no effort is rotten. If there are large areas of rotten shingles, you will most likely need a new roof, so call a professional roofer.


How can you make it easier to slide a new shingle into place?

To make it easier to slide a new shingle into place, round its back corners with a utility knife. The back edge of the shingle should slide underneath the shingles in the row above it and the front edge should be aligned with the shingles next to it.


What type of roof nails do you need to reattach a roof shingle?

You should use 6d galvanized roofing nails on each corner of the newly installed roof shingle. Cover the nail with cement.


How should you apply cement to chimney flashing?

If metal flashing around chimneys is not thoroughly caulked, you need to liberally apply roof cement using a caulking gun, to prevent water from getting though.


What weather conditions are best for fixing roofs?

A sunny day is best for doing roof repairs, because it is essential that the roof is dry to prevent slipping. Also wear rubber-soled shoes to further prevent slipping.


On flat roofs, where do leaks usually occur?

On flat roofs, leaks usually occur at low spots or in areas where roofing felt has been damaged. These leaks are usually easy to spot.


What are flat roofs made of?

Flat roofs are usually made of layers of roofing felt and tar. Look for cracks in the felt or large blisters, which indicate that the top layer of felt has separated.


What kind of nozzle does your propane torch need to have?

To dry the layers of felt, use a propane torch with a flame-spreading nozzle. Make sure to wear safety goggles and not to burn the felt.


What is the most important thing to do when repairing a blister?

Make sure to thoroughly soak up any water. Do not cut through to the bottom most layer of roofing, only penetrate the full depth of the blister.


Why shouldn't you pry out the nails on a damaged shake?

Shakes aren't flexible like shingles, so you shouldn't try to pry out nails. Rather, use a hacksaw to cut off the nail heads as far down the nail shaft as possible.


What is another area of the roof where there could be leaking?

Open roof valleys and flashing are another possible source of leaking if there is no sign of damaged shakes and shingles or pooled water.


What are roof valleys usually made of?

Roof valleys are usually made of aluminum and copper. If there are holes, just patch them up with the same material.


What is metal flashing used for?

Metal flashing is used to seal out water from around the chimney, vent pipes, along the valleys and over windows.


How often should you inspect flashing?

You should inspect flashing for holes every spring.


What should you use to patch up damaged flashing?

You should use cement mortar to patch up damaged flashing, using a small trowel and wetting the area with a paint brush first.


What is an ideal gutter-cleaning tool?

It is really important to clean out your gutters and drain pipes at least twice a year. A plastic scoop is a ideal tool for doing so.


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