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One of the most common problems homeowners face is windows that won't open. But before you knock out the glass to make your great escape, take our quiz and get the rundown on the potential causes of your jammed window and how you can unjam it.

What is the most common cause of wood framed windows getting stuck?

The most common cause of wood framed windows getting stuck is that once painted, the paint seals the window shut. This is an easy-to-fix problem; you just need to break the seal and clear the sash tracks.


What is the first thing to check before beginning to fix a wood framed window?

When trying to unseal a window that is stuck because of paint, the first thing you should do is make sure the window is unlocked. Then look for evidence of a paint seal between the sash and the frame.


What should you use to clean out the paint from the window tracks?

Use the blade of a putty knife to break the seal of paint. Then clear out the dried paint from the tracks using a hammer and chisel.


How can your remove a broken windowpane without causing too much splintering?

To remove a broken windowpane without causing too much splintering, crisscross both sides with masking tape and rap it with a hammer. The pane should be held together.


If putty does not come out easily, what should you use to soften it?

If the putty from the window frame does not come out easily, coat it with linseed oil and let the putty absorb the oil. Scrape out, careful to avoid damaging the window frame.


What size should the a glass window pane be?

A glass windowpane should be just smaller than the window opening, to allow for expansion and contraction of the glass. Measure horizontally and vertically from inside frame to inside frame, and minus 1/16 to1/8 of an inch (1.5mm to 3mm) both ways.


How can you make a glass window pane opaque?

To make a glass windowpane opaque, such as a bathroom window, paint it with a mixture of 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts and 1/2 pint of stale beer.


How can you fix a small hole in a metal window screen?

A small hole will require you just to push the strands of wire toward the hole and coat with clear nail polish. A large hole will need you to sew a patch over the hole using a needle and thread.


What causes a window shade to bind?

A window shad binds when the brackets are set too closely together. This can be easily remedied; you just need to tap the brackets slightly outward with a hammer.


If a shade won't stay up, what does this say about the spring mechanism?

The spring is probably too loose. You can tighten it by pulling out the flat pin and rolling the shade up very tightly.


What is the most practical and long lasting window treatment?

Venetian blinds are the most practical and long lasting window treatment. You can easily replace cords and tapes when they get shabby.


If the bottom rail of a Venetian blind is made from wood, how would the cords be attached to it?

The knotted ends of the cord would be attached to the rail with staples. A metal bottom rail would have caps and clamps, which just need to be unscrewed.


What should you use to clean the slats on a Venetian blind?

It is important to cleans the slats regularly. Remove the slats one by one and immerse them in regular dishwashing detergent.


How does the tilt cord on a Venetian blind work?

Tilt cords and lift cords work on a pulley. The blind does not need to be removed from the window frame to fix or replace them.


What should you use to insert splining into a groove?

Aluminum frame screens need splining inserted to hold up a screen. Splining is usually inserted with a plastic splining tool.


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