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Looking for a way to end an indoor insect invasions or to persuade unwanted vermin to move out? Learn some easy ways to control rodent and insect problems in your home.

What spice's smell causes ants to scurry away?

Ants are deterred by the scent of ground cinnamon.


To deter ants, how should you apply ground cinnamon?

Sprinkle ground cinnamon wherever you see ants, and especially around their points of entry into the house.


With what can you defend your sweets from red ants?

Use fresh sage to deter red ants from getting into your sugar and honey.


Other than fresh sage, what else may deter red ants from getting into your sugar?

If you don't have fresh sage, dried sage leaves may work. Make some sachets of dried sage and place in areas where you store your sweet ingredients.


What condiment may prevent mice?

To prevent mice, try some hot sauce mixed with water and dishwashing liquid.


To prevent mice, what kind of dishwashing liquid should you use in the hot sauce mixture?

Use a liquid that contains no antibacterial agents.


What is a weevil?

A weevil is an insect that you may find in your flour.


How may you prevent weevils from getting into your flour?

Use a dried chili pepper to deter weevils. Simply put a pepper in with the flour.


What may you use cucumber peels for?

Fresh cucumber peels may be used to repel cockroaches.


Using cucumber peels, how long may it take to repel cockroaches?

For three nights in a row, set out the peels along baseboards, low shelves and around drains.


What laundry booster may be used to kill ants and roaches?

Borax is a laundry booster that may be mixed with jam to make a toxic meal for ants and roaches.


To entice ants and roaches, what should you mix with borax to make a toxic snack?

Mix the borax with some sweet, sticky jam.


What are mealworms?

Mealworms are the larval stage of a beetle.


In your kitchen, where may you find mealworms?

White mealworms like starchy foods such as pasta and rice.


How can you prevent mealworms?

Use sugar-free spearmint chewing gum to prevent mealworms. Place sticks of gum in with your starchy foods, and use sugar-free gum so you don't attract ants.


Bowls of undiluted peppermint oil may discourage what pests?

Ants and roaches may not care for peppermint oil.


Other than discouraging vermin, how else may peppermint oil be used?

Peppermint oil is a natural air freshener.


What tree leaves may be used to prevent ants?

Use bay leaves to prevent ants.


Other than apple pie, what may you use cloves for?

Place whole cloves in the path of ants and roaches, and they may take a hike.


If you hear scurrying in the walls at night, what may this indicate?

You may have mice. Put dried, ground, hot cayenne pepper in the places the mice have left traces.


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