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Why is it that your washing machine seems to malfunction at the worst possible time? When that happens, should you repair or replace it?

If your washing machine goes on the fritz while it is still under warranty, how much will the repair cost?

Warranty service calls are usually done for no charge.


If the repair will cost 50 percent or more of the original cost of your machine, should you repair or replace?

Some use the 50 percent rule, and others says replace the appliance if the repair exceeds 40 percent of the original cost.


Why should you repair a machine with faulty belts or pulleys?

These items are inexpensive to repair.


What is a possible do-it-yourself repair?

Changing the washing machine's seals may be an easy project to do by yourself.


How much less energy and water do Energy Star washers use?

Energy Star washers use up 10 to 50 percent less energy and water than conventional washers.


Who is behind the Energy Star program?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy collaborate on the Energy Star program.


What is the average expected life of a washing machine?

A clothes washing machine is expected to work for an average of 11 years.


What is a benefit of replacing older models?

Today's washing machines are more energy and water efficient.


Where do the old washing machines go?

The steel from old washing machines is recycled.


What does Consumer Reports recommend you do with an eight-year-old washing machine?

Consumer Reports recommends you replace it.


What model is a popular low-water washing machine?

Front-loading machines have gained popularity.


How does the price of front-loading low-water washing machines compare to conventional washing machines?

Front-loading low- water machines are much more expensive.


Who is qualified to repair a washing machine pump?

Repairing a washing machine pump is an easy do-it-yourself job, but you can always call a professional.


Which are components of a washing machine?

A washing machine contains a tub, motor, pump, seals, pulleys and belts.


If you have a cracked tub, should you repair or replace your washing machine?

Replace your washing machine if the tub is cracked.


How do you know if your warranty is in effect?

Check the warranty information provided when you purchased your washing machine.


What should you do after purchasing a new washer?

Register your warranty with the manufacturer.


What would simplify the decision to replace or repair a washing machine?

If only you knew what was wrong with your washing machine and the cost to repair it, the decision would be so much easier to make.


If the warranty has expired, how much of the repair cost must you shoulder?

Once the warranty has expired, the bill is totally your responsibility.


Do you need to replace your washer and dryer at the same time?

Some people prefer to have a matching set. If this matters to you then you should replace both at the same time.


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