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Cloaked in darkness? Changing the light bulb didn't help? Then it's probably the wall switch that's faulty and needs replacement. Take this quiz to find out how to go about it.

If a wall switch cover does not come off easily, what is probably stopping it?

If a wall switch cover does not come off easily, there is probably layers of wall paint holding it fast. Use a razor blade or utility knife to cut the layers of paint around the wall switch.


If a wall switch does not have terminal conductors, how should you attach the wires?

There will be small holes large enough for bare wires. Trim 1/2 an inch (1.3cm) of insulation from the wires and push the wires into these.


If you are able to turn a light off at two different locations, what type of switch are you dealing with?

You will be dealing with a three-way switch. You need to make sure to replace the old switch with the same type of switch and to pair up the terminal wires and screws correctly.


If wires or insulation are brittle or frayed, what should you do?

If wires or insulation connecting to the electric box are brittle or frayed, they will need to be professionally rewired.


How can you check that wires have caught properly?

Check that your newly installed terminal wires have caught properly into the wire grip-hole by gently tugging on them.


How should the tabs from the switch's mounting brackets lie?

The tabs from the switch's mounting brackets should lie flat against the wall so that the switch is flush with the wall no matter what angle the electric box is at.


What is the most popular type of switch?

All switches work on the same principles, so you can choose whichever switch you prefer. The most popular type is the single pole toggle switch, where the light goes on when you flick the switch up.


What is the most important safety precaution to take?

To prevent electric shocks, remember to turn off the circuit breaker before beginning to fiddle with the switch.


Where can you find mounting screws?

Mounting screws are provided with the new switch. The screw holes are oval shaped so that the switch cover will lie straight, even if the holes in the electric box are tilted.


What should you do with non-insulated wire?

Clip off any excess non-insulated wire and make sure the rest is securely under the screw heads.


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