Respond to These Texts From Your Boss and We'll Guess Which State You're From

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Long gone are the days of being able to clock out and leave your boss at work! These days, your boss is just a text away making sure that any quiet moment you get is easily interrupted. Even if you love your job and no matter where you grew up, it can get tiring! 

During this quiz, we will be able to figure out your home state by the way you respond from a series of texts from your boss. Instead of asking you a question, we want to see how you would reply to your boss knowing that you can say anything you want. Will your midwestern wholesomeness keep you as professional as you are on the job? Or will your New England sass spill over into the way you text your boss back? 

If you opened a text that read "Gone fishing," how would you respond? Would you send an emoji, express your jealousy or ask them to bring you back a postcard? Once we see the manners and the words you use to text your boss back, we'll figure out which state you first called home. 

IDK if we'll get it right, but we'll be SMH if we don't! 

"Can you come in for a few hours this evening?"

"Will you fire the person who keeps microwaving fish?"

"Can you sign the card for the flowers I sent to my wife for her birthday?"

"Did you eat the last donut in the breakroom again?"

"IDK who touched the spreadsheet, but you need to fix it."

"Sandra says you were late again."

"Saturday is mandatory this week."

"You did a great job on that presentation."

"The bathroom needs toilet paper."

"Laura is out sick again."

"The whole truck needs to be unloaded before anyone can leave."

"I need a ride to the airport next Monday."

"Do you mind redoing the first page of the report?"

"I heard you might be thinking about leaving."

"Teamwork makes the dream work."

"You're fired!"

"Please tell housekeeping to take out my trash."

"I forgot to sign the payroll checks."

"I can't get my laptop to work."

"I need you to recount the drawer. It's short."

"Let's get lunch!"

"We're going to have to get those numbers up."

"I have a dentist appointment at one."

"I'm giving you an extra week's paid vacation."

"If that shoplifter comes in again, call the police."

"Did you check on that file I asked about last week?"

"The big cheese is visiting next week."

"Be in my office in 10 minutes!"

"Do you have any snacks?"

"I nominated you for a promotion."

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