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Fish is a vital food item and a basis of the livelihood of millions of people globally. As the demand for fish has increased, it has become very important that fisheries are managed in a responsible way. Responsible fishing includes handling your catch with care and leaving the fishing area in good condition. Take our quiz to learn more about responsible fishing practices.

Which of the following causes rapid depletion of fish populations worldwide?

Studies show that commercial over-fishing is the major cause depleting fish populations


What is the percentage of recreational fishing in global fish crises?

Recreational fishing makes up only 12 percent of the global take.


More than ______ bass die each year due to improper handling in the US state of Massachusetts alone.

What a waste! Think how many people could be fed by half a million fish.


Why is responsible fishing important?

By fishing responsibly, recreational fishermen can help conserve local fish populations and habitats.


What is the source of food for crustaceans like lobsters and crabs?

Operating your boat in shallow water may chop up underwater vegetation that many fish species and crustaceans depend on for food and shelter.


Where should you avoid fishing in a boat?

Simply operating your boat with care isn't always enough. Besides following posted wake warnings and avoiding very shallow environments, you should also restrict your use of towed fishing gear and anchors or mooring chains that can tear up a lake bottom.


Fishing sinkers are usually made of toxic:

Lost sinkers, often made of toxic lead, are especially problematic, because they're easily mistaken for food by animals.


What is the potential risk to fish of littering?

Empty beer cans, lure packages and even gum wrappers spoil the environment, dirty the water and pose choking risks to wildlife.


Which of the following makes fishing spots polluted?

The garbage left behind by irresponsible fishermen can spoil the ecosystem by driving away fish -- not to mention other fishermen -- and may lead landowners to ban fishing altogether.


Which of the following contamination is most common in fish?

Mercury contamination from various sources of pollution is of such concern that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have issued recommended limitations on the amount of fish and shellfish people eat.


Non-native and invasive species cost the United States more than _______ each year.

Fish invaders cost the United States more than $100 billion dollars each year.


Why is it advised to always rinse off your gear before leaving the fishing site?

Rinsing off after a day at the lake helps to prevent the transfer of foreign organisms to another site.


Why do you need to drain all the water from your boat before leaving the fishing site?

To reduce the risk of transferring non-native species, always rinse off gear, clothing and your boat thoroughly before leaving a site, and be sure to drain all the water from your things.


Why must unused baitfish not be dumped after fishing?

Invading species can displace native ones by outcompeting them for resources, thus altering the species composition and balance of the ecosystem.


Which species may outcompete native fish for living space?

Many bodies of water are now infested with baitfish that are outcompeting the native fish for living space and resources.


Which of the following invasive species are not visible to the naked eye?

Some invasive species aren't even visible to the naked eye, such as the deadly largemouth bass virus (LMBV) and golden algae, which are easily spread from one body of water to another.


Which fish should you catch and keep?

Ideally, hold onto only the small or medium-sized ones, so the more mature fish can spawn again and replenish the population.


Which device is used to safely hold a fish?

Use barbless hooks to minimize damage.


How should you handle a fish in a catch-and-release technique?

If you're interested in catching and releasing, do the fish a favor and handle them as gently as possible. Avoid touching the gills and removing protective slime, and return them to the water quickly to avoid exhausting them.


Which algae outcompete native fish for living space?

Golden algae are easily spread from one body of water to another.


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