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Are your kitchen cabinets outdated? Do you want an easy, quick and inexpensive way to give them a fresh look? Take our fun quiz and see if resurfacing your kitchen cabinets is the right design solution for you.

Your kitchen is a good candidate for cabinet resurfacing or refacing if:

If your kitchen cabinets are in good shape and you're happy with the present layout, then refacing may be for you. Refacing involves the replacement of the doors, drawer fronts and hardware of your cabinets and refacing the sides and framework with new veneers.


What should be your first step when deciding whether to resurface your kitchen cabinets?

There are hundreds of companies that offer refacing materials for your kitchen cabinets. You can find many of then on the Internet and you can also check out your local DIY store.


Which type of veneers are available for the end panels and frames of your kitchen when doing a cabinet refacing?

Both plywood and self-adhesive covering (SAC) are available for your kitchen cabinet end panels and frames. The plywood comes in precut pieces and is attached with glue, while the self-adhesive covering is a thin sheet of laminate with an adhesive backing that's peeled and attached to the frames and sides of the old cabinets.


When resurfacing your kitchen cabinets, _____ is the most important step before ordering materials.

To order materials for any DIY job, you will need accurate measurements. Use a diagram or chart to keep track of all the components you will need.


What is tack cloth?

Tack cloth is a sticky gauze used to clean the dust from surfaces after they have been sanded and can be found in any hardware store.


When replacing cabinet hardware, it is simplest to buy hardware in the same:

If you choose new hardware in a different size than your old hardware, you will have to fill the old holes with wood putty and drill new holes for the new handles. It's simplest and most aesthetic to stick with hardware of the same size.


Which type of cleaner is best for removing greasy buildup on your cabinets.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP), available from your hardware store, is great for removing greasy stains and buildup from your old kitchen cabinets. Be sure to follow safety precautions listed on the package.


What is the best way to remove lead paint from your kitchen cabinets?

You can use a liquid remover to strip lead paint yourself, but it is highly recommended to hire a professional for this potentially hazardous job. Never use a sander that will spread lead dust throughout your home.


Under which circumstances should you apply a coat of primer when painting cabinet surfaces?

A coat of primer is recommended if your cabinets have never been painted before. The primer is used as a base coat and improves the bond with the paint.


Which type of paint is easier to clean up?

For a fast and easy cleanup, choose latex paint. Oil-based paint is harder to remove from surfaces, but may result in a more resilient finish.


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