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For the right kind of person, an RV vacation is the next best thing to heaven. But for others, it may be something else entirely. If you've got the time, the money and the know-how, RV travel may be just what you're looking for during an active retirement. Take this quiz to see if you're ready to hit the road!

The top-of-the-line, Class A motor home works for every type of vacation.

The Class A motor home is a luxury vehicle that will be a liability if you want to go off-road to a beachfront spot or park beside a lake.


The second-home tax credit keeps the cost of buying an RV equivalent to renting.

Even after factoring in the tax credit and savings for used RVs, it's nearly always cheaper to rent. If you do plan to buy, try renting and taking practice trips to ensure you really want to make the investment.


You don't have to waste money on insurance if you rent because your existing driver's policy will cover it.

Driver's policies may cover accidents, but they don't necessarily help if you need a tow. Be sure you know exactly what your policy covers before you hit the road.


People with ongoing health problems should not take RV vacations.

With the proper training and planning, people with health problems should have no problem hitting the road in an RV. Just be sure to take along doctors' numbers and plenty of your prescription medications.


Most RVs come with good security systems.

In many cases, outside storage compartments have the same locks from one vehicle to the next. At the very least, get those locks re-keyed. You might consider an alarm system for doors and windows, as well.


You can count on finding a working dump station at any highway rest stop.

Many states have stopped maintaining dump stations because of the mess and the cost. It's a good idea to research this ahead of time and plan your dumping stops accordingly.


If you can drive a pickup, you can drive an RV.

If you've never driven an RV, it might pay to take a course to get some experience steering, backing up and turning a 30-foot (9-meter) chassis around in the street.


You should leave a copy of your planned route with a friend and never deviate from it.

If you employ a GPS tracking system, friends and family should always be able to find you, even if you go off the beaten path. If you do have a basic itinerary, though, it's good to share it with a friend or family member.


RV vacations should prove to be ideal for every family member.

This may not be the best choice of vacation for your teenage granddaughter who can't be separated from her phone or the toddler who's very locked into daily routines. You may want to enjoy your retirement trips alone or as a couple.


RVs are easy to maintain.

RVs require a good amount of regular upkeep and maintenance, often while you're on the road. This can be a great hobby for folks who love to tinker, but those who are less mechanically inclined should be prepared to look for help when necessary.


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