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Wondering if your new clothing find or old wardrobe piece is retro or rubbish? Take this quiz to find out.

Wearing a fedora will make you look:

Fedoras haven't been cool in decades, so unless you're an archaeologist, there's no reason to go digging up this relic. We'll give you a pass if you're sporting a straw fedora, but you must be on the beach!


Your best friend bought you a sequined dress in your favorite color while she was out thrifting. You should:

Sequins have been around forever, and though sequined dresses fell out of fashion for a few decades, they're back in a big way right now. Vintage sequined clothing is currently all the rage, so you better find a heart-shaped necklace that separates into two pieces and give the "Be Fri" half to your BFF.


You come across an old pair of perfectly preserved parachute pants. Can you, should you, touch this?

MC Hammer may not be topping the charts these days, but his pants have come back in style in a big way -- and we're not just talking about incredibly oversized parachute pants. The comfortable, lightweight material can currently be found in regular-sized britches and even (gasp) skinny, tight-fitting pant styles.


What's the deal with bowling shirts from the 1950s?

Retro bowling shirts were big a few years ago. If your closet is filled exclusively with blue jeans, white T-shirts and black leather jackets, or the only kind of music you listen to starts with "rock" and ends with "billy," adding a few vintage bowling shirts to your wardrobe won't hurt, but everyone else should stay away.


While helping your parents clean out their garage, you find a box filled with your dad's old trucker hats. You put one on and look in the mirror. What do you see?

Trucker hats have come in and out of fashion several times. Now is not one of those times. And, no, you won't get anything for your dad's smelly old hats on eBay. Leave the box where you found it, and slowly back away.


In the '80s and for part of the '90s, sporting a blue jean jacket was cooler than wearing sunglasses at night. Today, these denim coats are:

The fashion industry gives you clearance to wear your jean jacket. But please, whatever you do, leave the patches and buttons in the past.


You're sorting through your town's trendiest vintage boutique when you happen upon a jacket that fits like it was made with you in mind. The only problem is that it has shoulder pads. Toss it or take it home?

Women should have no qualms about padding their shoulders with vintage jackets and shirts. Buy that jacket and flaunt it! Men, stay away from this look.


We've covered the '80s greatest hits (parachute pants, shoulder pads and sequins). Now, what about those bell-bottoms lurking in your dresser drawer?

Wide-legged pants are chic right now, and they come back in fashion often enough that's it's safe to set aside a permanent spot in your wardrobe for a pair of them.


Bell-bottoms, approved. But what should you do with those huge-legged '90s jeans with the oversized wallet chain?

These ballooning britches were barely tolerated in the '90s, and no one's rushing to bring them back now.


Let's talk about those John Lennon-inspired sunglasses you keep around. Let them see the light of day or the darkness of the basement?

Plenty of vintage accessories are still cool, but not your John Lennon glasses. Big is, well, big right now, so get your self some oversized shades and hit the town. But they say all accessories come back in style eventually, so keep all your sunglasses.


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