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Relaxing in a rec room is a scene right out of an American movie. Create a retro-themed rec room for your leisure time and relive you favorite time period. Before you start decorating, take our quiz and get some ideas.

During the groovy 1960s, what type of lamp was popular in the U.S.?

Lava lamps were popular lighting fixtures during the 1960s. A lava lamp is a must have for a '60s-themed rec room.


What kind of vintage stereo equipment would be great for your 1960s style rec room?

Turntables were the only way to play records during the 1960s.


If you want to recreate some of that disco fever feeling in your 1970s rec room, what should you hang from the ceiling?

Hang a spinning disco ball to bring back that '70s feeling.


If you want to turn your rec room into a Western saloon, what type of doors would complete the look?

Swinging saloon doors would be an authentic décor item. To complete the look, add a big wooden bar.


What type of ceiling would give an authentic Western look for your retro rec room?

Tin ceiling panels would give a beautiful and authentic finish for your retro rec room.


To get a 1950s feel in your rec room, on what should you play the music?

Invest in a juke box to get back those happy days.


Accent your 1950s style rec room with a case of what bottled drink?

Bottled Coca-Cola was very popular in the 1950s and still tastes great today.


What children's doll was all the rage during the 1980s?

The Cabbage Patch doll was on every little girl's wish list during the 1980s.


What kind of games became popular during the1980s and remain so today?

Video games, such as Pac Man, were popular during the 1980s.


Which modern day popular bar drink was all the rage in the 1950s and '60s?

The martini was a very popular drink during the 1950s and '60s. Today's updated versions include the appletini, and of course martinis are still served in those cute glasses.


What online site is a great place to shop for used retro-groovy accessories for your 1950s-themed rec room?

Craigslist is a great site to shop for used items from the 1950s and '60s.


If baseball is your passion, a baseball-themed rec room would be the perfect décor selection for your home. What electrical appliance should be on the top of your list to purchase for your rec room?

A flat screen TV, hung on the wall, would be a focal feature of the room and perfect for game watching.


For some old school, baseball-style snacking, why not purchase one of these?

Popcorn machines are available in many housewares stores and would make a fun and tasty addition to your baseball-inspired rec room.


To get that swinging feeling in your jazz-themed rec room, you will need what kind of lighting?

To get a jazzy feeling, set the stage with mood lighting.


Upholster with what lush fabric to inspire the feeling of a 1940s and '50s jazz club?

Velvet upholstery will give a 1940s and '50s inspired touch.


To create a 1960s beach scene in your rec room, what is s resourceful way to use an old surfboard?

Make an old surfboard into a coffee table or hang as a decoration on the wall.


What is a authentic bar style choice for a 1950s beach-themed rec room?

A classic bamboo tiki-bar would be right out of a 1950s movie scene.


For a grunge-themed rec room, what games may complete the dive bar feel?

A pool table and dart board may give a dive bar feeling to your themed rec room.


What electrical appliance will you need to complete your 1990s grunge-themed rec room?

You will need a stereo system to rock with 1990s grunge music.


Shag carpet and bean bag chairs have made a recent comeback. When were shag carpets and bean bag chairs first seen in homes?

The 1960s home décor included shag carpet and bean bag chairs.


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