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For centuries rice has been a main staple of many diets. While rice can be prepared in a pot, rice cookers offer a convenient alternative to the traditional method. Not only are rice cookers easy to use, but they avoid the risks associated with human error. Take this quiz and find out what you know about this wonderful modern invention.

A common result of poorly cooked rice is which of the following descriptions?

When rice has been cooked with too much water the result is a gooey paste that looks more like spackle than rice.


In which of these regions is rice especially important to the diet?

In many parts of Southeast Asia rice is consumed daily. It also carries cultural significance.


In which country was the first rice cooker introduced?

Toshiba, a Japanese company, introduced the first rice cooker in 1955.


What two things must one have in order to cook rice?

Rice is cooked with steam, which requires both water and heat.


How many stages does rice go through when you cook it?

When you cook rice it goes through four stages: soaking, boiling, steaming, and resting.


Which of the following is a primary component of a rice cooker?

A rice cooker has four primary parts: a main body, a cooking pan, a heating plate, and a sensing device.


What is the function of the sensing device of a rice cooker?

The sensing device, which is often found at the bottom of the main body of a rice cooker, is a thermometer that gauges the temperature of the cooker's contents.


What is the boiling temperature of water?

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and does not get any hotter as it turns into steam.


What special component will you find in a rice cooker that uses fuzzy logic ?

Fuzzy logic, a concept in mathematical Set Theory, has helped in the design of computer chips that can adjust the cooking methods of a rice cooker.


Which type of rice cooker is the most advanced?

While fuzzy logic rice cookers are technologically advanced, they are not as advanced as rice cookers that use the intricate method known as induction heating.


From which of the following do most induction cookers get their heat?

An alternating electric current passes through coils and creates a magnetic field. The cooking pan is inserted into this field, which creates an internal current that heats the contents of the pan.


What is the name of the method that manipulates magnetic fields to produce heat?

Hysteresis is the name of a phenomenon in which magnetic fields are manipulated with fast-paced changes. Magnetic materials resist these changes, which cause friction and in turn cause heat.


How do induction cookers respond to human errors in measurement?

Induction heaters are sensitive to temperature and can precisely control it. Even when you have made a slight error in measurement, these cookers can adjust the temperature and cook the rice correctly.


Which of the following has the smallest number of genes in its genetic map?

A multi-million dollar study by a 10-country panel found that rice has the least number of genes of the major plants in the cereal family.


How does golden rice differ from regular rice?

Golden rice, which has been genetically modified, has a greater nutrient content than regular rice.


In what way does white rice differ from brown rice?

The primary difference between with and brown rice is the amount of polishing white rice goes through. To produce brown rice you polish away the chaff, but for white rice you also polish away the bran layer.


Why should you wash rice before cooking it?

The rice you purchase sometimes has talc and excess starch on it.


How will the rice come out if you don't wash off the excess starch before you cook it?

If you cook rice that has excess starch it will likely come out too sticky.


What is the purpose of a steaming tray?

Some rice cookers come with a steaming tray that you can use to prepare vegetables. You set the tray with vegetables above the water level, and when the water boils the steam that rises steams the vegetables in the tray.


What is less likely to occur if you use a rice cooker that has a steam vent?

A steam vent helps prevent the rice cooker from boiling over by not allowing the pressure inside the cooker to get too high.


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