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Davy Crocket used his rifle for protection and to shoot something to eat. Today's hunters are out there in the woods shooting more for sportsmanship and to control animal populations. Take this quiz to learn more about rifle hunting.

What is rifling?

Rifling is the spiral grooves cut into the inside of a gun barrel.


What does rifling indicate?

Rifling indicates that a gun is a:


What is the purpose of rifling?

Rifling puts a spin on the bullet.


Why is bullet spin desirable?

If a bullet has some spin, it improves the range and accuracy of the shot.


How are rifle classes determined?

Classes are determined by the weapon's action and size of ammunition.


What is a type of rifle action?

The action is what brings the bullet into firing position. Some types of rifles are bolt action, pump action and lever action.


What was a catalyst for the development of guns?

It is believed Europeans were looking for ways to use Chinese gunpowder.


What was a problem for the first guns developed?

The first guns lacked accuracy.


How fast could early versions of the rifle be fired?

Early rifle versions were slow to reload and at best could fire only three rounds in a minute.


What country is credited with the invention of the integrated cartridge?

France is credited with inventing a cartridge which combined bullet, primer, powder and firing charge.


In the North American frontier, what were rifles used for?

On the frontier rifles were used to procure food and for defense.


When was the first assault rifle used?

The first assault rifle was introduced by Germany during World War II.


Modern-day hunting rifles use what action technology?

Most modern-day hunting rifles still use bolt-action technology.


What has happened to the number of hunters during the last 40 years?

The number of hunters has steadily decreased.


What percent of Americans hunt today?

Only 3 percent of Americans are hunters.


What is considered an ethical kill with a rifle?

The kill must be quick to be ethical.


What is considering killing an animal for a purpose?

Killing to control animal populations is considered an acceptable purpose.


If an hunter abides by the rules of fair play, when is it forbidden to shoot an animal?

The rules forbid shooting a sitting duck or an animal hiding out at a water hole.


What bullet may cause less damage to an animal's pelt?

Use a Barnes solid 90 grain to save the pelt.


What bullet has greater weight retention?

Bonded bullets with controlled expansion have greater weight retention.


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