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Your hunting rifle is only as good as your rifle scope. There is a wide selection of scopes available, so before making a purchase, learn about rifle scopes. Take this quiz to learn about how to buy the right rifle scope for you.

What is the most important part of a rifle scope?

The lenses are the crucial part.


How many lenses does a rifle scope have?

A scope has two lenses.


Which lens is the larger of the two?

The objective lens is the larger.


Rifle scopes work similar to what other instrument?

Rifle scopes work similar to telescopes.


What is the purpose of the crosshair?

The crosshair lets the shooter aim precisely at the target.


What is another name for crosshair?

The reticule is the same as the crosshair.


For what distance do most manufacturers set the focus?

Most set the focus for a distance of 100 yards.


Which scope setting does the windage adjustment fine-tune?

The windage adjustment fine-tunes the horizontal settings on the scope.


Which scope setting does the elevation adjustment fine-tune?

The elevation adjustment fine-tunes the vertical settings on the scope.


What is the name for the main body of a rifle scope?

The main body of a rifle scope is the tube.


What is a tube diameter of a rifle scope?

Rifle scope tubes are usually one inch (30 millimeters) wide.


What is a common gun sight?

Common gun sights include: open, aperture, red dot and laser.


What other sight is similar to an open sight?

The aperture sight is similar to an open sight.


If a rifle has a 15-12x42 scope, what do these numbers mean?

The first two numbers mean the site's magnification ranges from 5 to 12 times; while the number 42 is the size of the objective lens in millimeters.


What scope would be appropriate to hunt big game from 100 yards away?

A scope of 7x or 8x will be sufficient for hunting from 100 yards (91 meters) away.


For distances greater than 100 yards, should you increase or decrease the scope size?

For greater distances, you will need a higher size.


If your rifle has a lot of recoil, what will you need?

If your rifle has a kick upon firing, you will need adequate eye relief.


How should mounting rings be tightened?

Mounting rings should be tightened so as to have a gap between them.


What professional can mount your scope?

A gunsmith is the craftsman equipped to mount a scope.


What will reduce scope glare?

Scope glare can be reduced by a special synthetic coating on the lenses.


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