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Riots can break out in an instant, if the right trigger hits at the right time. Trained riot control specialists do a lot more than crack skulls. Grab your shield and take this riot quiz -- if you know what's good for you.

Who said, "A riot is the language of the unheard"?

Martin Luther King Jr. believed in nonviolent protest, but this was his quote about riots.


What is the main legal difference between a riot and a lawful assembly?

Lawful assemblies and riots differ in terms of the violence. Riots involve violence, and they can even spring from lawful assemblies.


True or false: Poverty and race are the two underlying issues that most commonly fuel riots.

All kinds of things can spark a riot, but many times race and poverty are underlying factors.


What kind of mentality does a riot take on?

Once a group of people assemble and violence erupts, they tend to gang together in a mob mentality.


When is a riot not likely to occur?

Studies have shown that very few riots occur when it's raining or cold.


Experts believe a heightened sense of solidarity helps to explain which type of riot?

While a common cause is at the root of any riot, experts believe that a heightened sense of solidarity can help explain both prison and sports riots.


True or false: Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in a sports riot.

Very true. Experts believe that the consumption of alcohol can be the major fuel component for a sports riot.


Rioters are typically armed with what?

Because riots are not planned, rioters are most often armed with whatever they can find at the scene of the riot.


Which of these things really happened on April 29, 1992?

Actually, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder, and the NBA Finals are in June. So that leaves the Rodney King riots as the correct answer.


How many people were killed in the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles?

There were a total of 54 lives lost during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots.


In 1943, false rumors sparked a racially-fueled riot in which city?

The year: 1943. The city: Detroit. The result: 34 people dead.


What are the two things needed to start a riot?

While those other things may play a part, every riot, like every fire, needs both fuel (e.g. prolonged racial oppression) and a spark (e.g. assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.) to ignite.


Where does the arrest team assemble in a riot control formation?

Key rioters are gobbled up into the formation where they are met in the center by the arrest team.


What is one reason horses and dogs are used by riot control teams?

Because dogs and horses are unaffected by tear gas, they are often used to help disperse a riot.


These days, riot control squads are known as what?

"Crowd-management unit" is the latest term for riot teams.


Riot shields are made from what material?

Candy glass is the opposite of Lexan, the material use for riot shields.


Nonlethal rounds filled with stinging capsaicin are called what?

Ferret and stinger rounds are used in riot control, but pepperball rounds are the rounds that are filled with pepper spray.


In which city did the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention take place?

Chicago is known for many things, and unfortunately the 1968 riots is one of them.


What's the first step in controlling a riot?

The first step in controlling a riot is intimidation. Incidentally, you also always want to leave an escape route for rioters, so surrounding them is no good.


True or false: The main goal of a riot squad is to arrest as many of the rioters as possible.

Not so! The main goal is to disperse the crowd.


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