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Rocky Mountain National Park is an exciting, dynamic, natural attraction boasting high mountains and parkland and some of the most beautiful vistas in the U.S. There are lots of recreational activities for the whole family, as well as riding on the highest continuous road in North America. Take this quiz to learn more about visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

How many visitors come to Rocky Mountain National Park every year?

About three million visitors come there every year.


Where is Rocky Mountain National Park in relation to Denver, Colorado?

The park is located about a two-hour drive northwest of Denver.


When is Fall River Visitor Center open?

Fall River Visitor Center is open year-round on weekends.


What makes Trail Ridge Road unique?

Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous road in North America.


The highest 20 peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park reach over:

They reach over 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) high.


What is the nickname of the mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park?

They're known as the Rockies.


Which wild member of the cat family lives in Rocky Mountain National Park?

The cougar lives in the park, as do bears, elks, beavers, and other animals.


When was Rocky Mountain National Park established?

Rocky Mountain National Park was established as an official national park in 1915.


Which of these North American lakes are in Rocky Mountain National Park?

The park has many lakes, including all of those mentioned here.


What is an ideal activity in Wild Basin?

The thing to do in Wild Basin is hiking; it's extremely popular there.


Where do the trails of Hallett Peak, the Little Matterhorn and Lake Odessa begin?

All their trails begin at Bear Lake.


What happens often in the afternoons on Longs Peak?

Often in the afternoons there are brief bursts of heavy showers, accompanied by thunder and lightning.


How was Dream Lake formed?

Dream Lake was manmade when 90 tree stumps were blasted out and the area was cleared by tractor.


Why are Sheep Lakes called by that name?

At the Sheep Lakes area, there are lots of bighorn sheep and it is this that gives them the name.


When climbing up the Keyhole Route of Longs Peak, what is the last stretch called before you reach the flat-topped summit?

The last part before you reach the summit is called Homestretch, and for good reason -- it's the end of an eight-mile (12-kilometer) steep uphill climb.


Where does the rainwater on both sides of the Continental Divide flow to?

Water on the east side flows to the Atlantic Ocean; on the west side, to the Pacific Ocean.


What grows just below the timberline in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Below the timberline grow subalpine firs and Engelmann spruce.


With regard to elevation, Rocky Mountain National Park has the:

Rocky Mountain National Park is the highest national park, including those in Alaska.


Why do plants struggle to survive in the high regions of Rocky Mountain National Park?

Plant life at Rocky Mountain National Park has a brief growing season and constant winds to contend with.


Is there an entrance fee to Rocky Mountain National Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee: $10 per individual for seven days.


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