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What is a group of fish called?

A group of fish is called a school. Draft, nest and shoal are other names for a group of fish.


Which type of fishing reel is most frequently used for beginners?

A spincast reel is the fishing reel most often used by beginners. The spincast has a closed face and a button to release line.


True or false: "Angler" is another term for "fisherman."

Fishermen are also known as anglers. The first known use of the word "angler" dates back to the 15th century.


Which type of reel is the most accurate?

A baitcasting reel is the most accurate of the three main types of fishing reels.


What is the mechanism within a reel that provides resistance when a fish pulls on a line?

The drag is the mechanism that provides resistance when a fish pulls on a line.


How many species of fish are there?

There are roughly 27,300 known species of fish in the world. Some scientists believe there are as many as 4,000 unknown or undiscovered species.


Which reel is the most difficult for most anglers to master?

The spool of a baitcasting reel turns when cast, which can cause a large tangle of line if the spool is not controlled properly.


The action of a fishing rod refers to which characteristic?

The type of action an angler needs is determined by the fishing technique being used and which type of fish the angler is after.


Which organ in most fish provides buoyancy?

A swim bladder helps fish conserve energy.


How many types of fishing rod action are most commonly available?

The types of action are fast, moderate or medium, and slow.


Which term describes the gear an angler uses to catch fish?

Fishing tackle is a general term that describes the equipment an angler uses to catch fish. This equipment includes sinkers, swivels, hooks, bobbers, rods, reels, lures and baits.


Which of the following fishing hook sizes is the largest?

A size 1 fishing hook is the largest, while a size 32 is the smallest. Fish hooks are sometimes sized from 1/0 to 19/0. On this scale, the larger the number, the larger the hook.


How many points does a treble hook have?

A treble hook has three evenly spaced points. Treble hooks are used on many lures and with a variety of baits.


With which type of fishing does the weight of the line carry the hook through the air?

Fly-fishing is done with a fly line, which is heavy enough to carry the hook through the air. Fly-fishing requires a special casting technique to let out the fly line.


Which type of fishing hook is designed for easier catch-and-release fishing?

Circle hooks are designed to release much easier from the mouth of a fish, causing less damage and allowing the fish to be released back into the water.


Which organ(s) allow fish to breath oxygen?

Fish breath oxygen with gills. The gills take oxygen from water when it passes over them.


True or false: Fish are warm-blooded creatures.

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, just like amphibians and reptiles. The body temperature of cold-blooded animals depends on the ambient air or water temperature.


Which of the following is NOT a species of trout?

Cutthroat and brown are species of trout, but a sauger is not. The scientific name for the sauger is <i>Sander canadensis,</i> and it is closely related to the walleye.


What is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S.?

The black bass (largemouth and smallmouth) is the most popular gamefish in America.


Which type of fishing line is capable of the most stretch?

Monofilament is made from a single strand of nylon polymer.


A white sturgeon was the largest freshwater fish ever caught with a rod and reel. How much did it weigh?

A white sturgeon weighing 468 pounds is the largest freshwater fish to be caught with a rod and reel. Joey Pallotta III caught the record-breaking fish in California on July 9, 1983.


True or false: Braided fishing line is stronger than monofilament line.

Braided fishing line is quite strong at a given diameter, sometimes twice as strong as monofilament. More braided line can be loaded on a reel at any given pound test than monofilament.


What is one disadvantage of braided fishing line?

Although braided fishing line is strong, it does not stretch and can break if the drag is set too high. It does not degrade in sunlight, and it allows for greater casting distance.


In which state was the world record largemouth bass caught?

The world record largemouth bass was caught by angler George Perry in 1932 at Montgomery Lake in Georgia. The record bass weighed in at 22 pounds 4 ounces (10 kilograms).


In the fishing vocabulary, what is a leader?

A leader is a short length of line between a hook or lure and the main fishing line on the reel. Leaders are used to protect against sharp edges in the water, like rocks, or to provide a less visible presentation to fish.


Which of the following is NOT a type of fishing fly?

Swivels are a type of tackle used to connect fishing lines, not a type of fly. Nymphs, streamers and dry flies are the three most common types of flies.


Which piece of fishing tackle holds the hook at a desired depth?

A bobber is a plastic or foam float that suspends the fishing hook at a desired depth.


How big is the largest catfish ever caught in the U.S.?

The blue catfish weighed in at 111 pounds. The record blue was caught at Wheeler's Reservoir in Tennessee on July 5, 1996.


True or false: Catfish do not have scales.

Unlike most freshwater game fish, catfish do not have scales.


What is the name for the monofilament line that attaches a leader to a fly when fly-fishing?

A tippet is the monofilament line that attaches a leader to a fly.


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