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Maintain your room air conditioner to get maximum cooling during the hot, steamy months of summer. Understanding the operation of a room air conditioner will help you stay cool. Take this quiz to see how cool it can be to know how to repair a room air conditioner.

What may compromise a room air conditioner's performance?

Dirt is the biggest enemy of a room air conditioner.


What room air conditioner components are sealed?

The coils, compressor and motor are all sealed. Service on these components must be done by a professional.


What service options do you have with room air conditioners?

Since the air conditioner is portable, you have the option to bring the unit to the technician.


During the harsh winter months, what should you do with the room air conditioner?

The unit should be protected from winter weather. Remove the unit or cover the portion that is exposed to the elements.


How may you prevent shock when working on a room air conditioner?

Unplugging the unit is not enough. Before working on a room air conditioner, you must also discharge the capacitor.


How do you discharge the capacitor?

Check the owner's manual for instructions or have a technician do this.


How often should you clean the filter of a room air conditioner?

Clean or replace the filter at the beginning of the cooling season, and monthly while using the room air conditioner.


How do you clean a filter?

Most units come with a washable filter. Wash with soapy water and thoroughly dry before replacing.


How do you maintain a throwaway filter?

Cleaning a throwaway filter is not possible. You must replace it with the same type of filter.


What is a volt-ohmmeter ?

A volt-ohmmeter is an instrument to measure voltage.


Using a volt-ohmmeter set to the RX1 scale, what meter reading indicates you need to replace the room air conditioner cord?

If the meter reads greater than zero, the cord should be replaced.


What should you use to clean the evaporator and condenser coils?

Clean the coils with a vacuum cleaner.


How often should the evaporator and condenser coils be cleaned?

Clean the coils at the start of the cooling season and every month that the unit is in use, or more frequently if the air conditioner is used in a very dusty space.


If the air conditioner is powered but the unit will not run, what may be the problem?

If the unit is getting power and still will not operate on any setting, the switch may be faulty.


What is drained from the drain ports?

Condensed water and water vapor are drained through the drain ports.


How can you test a thermostat?

For a thermostat with fewer than three lead wires, set the thermostat on the lowest temperature and check with a volt-ohmmeter set to the RX1 scale. If the scale reads greater than zero, replace the thermostat.


How can you repair noisy fan blades?

Cleaning and tightening the fan blades should prevent the noise.


How do you lubricate a room air conditioner's fan?

If the fan has lubrication ports, put several drops of 20-weight non-detergent motor oil in each port.


If water leaks from the air conditioner, what may be the cause?

Drain ports clogged with dirt may cause water to leak.


How do you clean clogged drain ports?

Use a wire or a small knife to clean the ports.


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