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Is there an old rifle or shotgun that your great-grandfather owned somewhere in the basement collecting dust? Have you been yearning to take it down and put it to use on your next hunt? For your own safety, and as a great way to connect with others who have the same idea, you may want to check out the RooseveltBrowning Hunting Club. Take our quiz to learn more about the club and see whether you should join its ranks.

What does the RooseveltBrowning Classic Firearms Hunting Club classify as a classic rifle?

The club defines classic rifles and shotguns as those that were patented before 1910 or are authentic reproductions of those classics.


Are there any other requirements of the club for a classic gun to qualify?

Classic firearms must use only center fire, breech-loaded, rimmed metallic cartridges.


When were telescopic sights first used on rifles?

A scope is a refractor telescope that is mounted on a rifle to improve shooting accuracy. The first scope that actually worked was made by August Fiedler (Stronsdorf) in 1880.


Why does the club carry the name Roosevelt?

The RooseveltBrowning Hunting Club began as a way to recognize and honor former president Theodore Roosevelt's contributions to conservation, hunting and sportsmanship. Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.


How did Roosevelt become interested in hunting and conservation?

According to, the future 26th president of the United States spent two years in the West following the death of his beloved wife in 1884. During his time in the Dakota Territory, Roosevelt saw the value of outdoor life, becoming dedicated to big game hunting and conservation.


When did Roosevelt say, "There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country"?

Roosevelt spoke the words, "There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country" during his Confession of Faith Speech at the Progressive National Convention in Chicago, IL on August 6, 1912.


What did Roosevelt do on behalf of conservation during his term as president?

Roosevelt is considered the United States first conservation President. Deeply committed to conserving natural resources, Roosevelt set aside more Federal land for nature preserves and national parks than the combined total of all his predecessors.


At what daily rate was land preserved during Roosevelt’s presidency?

During his term, land was preserved at a rate of 84,000 acres (33,994 hectares) a day. He also promoted the Newlands Reclamation Act of 1902 to boost federal construction of dams for irrigating small farms.


What was the total amount of land that was set aside for parks and preserves by Theodore Roosevelt?

Roosevelt placed 230 million acres (360,000 mi² or 930,000 km²) under federal protection as national forests or national parks.


Who was John M. Browning?

Browning was a prominent gun designer who held 128 gun patents. He made his first firearm at age 13 in his father's gun shop, and was awarded his first patent on October 7, 1879 at the age of 24.


In what year did John M. Browning die?

Browning died in 1926, but some of his designs are still being produced even today. He was working on a new gun design in his shop when he died of heart failure.


What type of gun was it that earned Browning his first patent?

Browning was awarded his first patent in 1879, U.S. Patent 220,271, for his Winchester 1885 breech-loading, single-shot rifle.


In what year did Browning engineer his first automatic pistol?

Other patents included the automatic pistol in 1911, the machine gun in 1917 and the automatic rifle in 1918.


What is the name of the term that applies to lawful and ethical hunting in a sportsmanlike manner?

The Boone and Crockett Club defines the term "fair chase" as involving lawful and ethical hunting in a sportsmanlike way.


To what kind of game does fair chase apply?

Fair chase rules apply to free-ranging, native, and wild North American big game that is to be pursued in a way that does not give improper advantage to a hunter. Specifically it means without unfair aid of technology or in canned hunts; essentially trophy hunts where an animal is kept in a confined area, such as a fenced-in field, to increase the likelihood of a kill.


When was Theodore Roosevelt observed following the ideals of fair chase?

Theodore Roosevelt practiced fair chase during a 1902 bear-hunting trip to Mississippi, when he refused to shoot a small black cub that hunting dogs had cornered.


Who started the Boone and Crockett Club in 1887?

The Boone and Crockett Club was founded by Theodore Roosevelt in 1887. It was the Boone and Crockett club that first instituted fair chase principles to their members and the general public.


What is the RooseveltBrowning Hunting Club's stated purpose?

The club's motto is "keeping records of trophy big game animals that have been taken by members using a classic firearm and cartridge.” The animal must also have been pursued under the principles of fair chase.


Who developed the classic Boone and Crockett scoring method that is also used by the RooseveltBrowning Classic Firearms Hunting Club?

According to the Boone and Crockett Club, Prentiss Gray developed the scoring format during the 1920s and it was designed for animals from North America. All animals from other geographic areas are scored using the Safari Club International's methodology.


What is the cost of a lifetime benefactor membership in the RooseveltBrowning Classic Firearms Hunting Club?

A $1,000 contribution gives a benefactor lifetime membership, a certificate of appreciation, a club manual, a plaque and special recognition.


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