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How many roads have a song named after them? Route 66 might not be what it once was, but its legend lives on. Are you interested in visiting this landmark road? Take our quiz to learn about getting your kicks on one of the county's most famous roads: Route 66.

Which of these famous musicians wrote the song "Route 66?"

Though the hit song "Route 66" has been recorded by a number of artists, it was written by Bobby Troup.


Which of these movies takes place primarily on Route 66?

Much of the Pixar movie "Cars" takes place on an animated stretch of Route 66.


Which famous novel refers to Route 66 as the "Mother Road?"

John Steinbeck's masterpiece "The Grapes of Wrath" makes reference to Route 66 as "Mother Road."


Route 66 began in which Midwestern city?

Route 66 was designed to provide a route from Illinois to California, so it begins in the great city of Chicago, Illinois.


In which California city did Route 66 end?

On the west end of Route 66 is Los Angeles, California, a major city even back when Route 66 was built.


When did Route 66 receive its designation?

In 1926, six years after planning began, Route 66 received designation as a national highway.


In which year did Route 66 lose its designation?

Route 66 eventually fell into disrepair and disuse, and in 1985 it lost its designation.


What was the original length of Route 66?

At its inception, running from Chicago to Los Angeles, Route 66 ran 2,400 miles (3,862 kilometers).


Through how many states did Route 66 run?

When it was fully operative, Route 66 ran through eight states, including Texas and New Mexico.


In which year did the Transcontinental Footrace take place?

In 1928 there was a marathon run from Los Angeles to New York called the Transcontinental Footrace, which covered all of Route 66.


How long did it take the winner to complete the Transcontinental Footrace?

Andy Payne, a Cherokee who lived on Oklahoma, won the marathon in 573 hours.


How much money did Andy Payne receive for winning the Transcontinental Footrace?

For his extraordinary achievement, Andy Payne was awarded $25,000, which was a considerable amount of money in 1928.


Which of these programs is in charge of Historic Route 66?

The National Scenic Byways Program is in charge of Historic Route 66, a section of the original highway that has been preserved.


How long is Historic Route 66?

Much of the original highway is in total disrepair, and some of it can't even be recognized as a road. A 1,400 mile section however, was preserved for historic interest.


Approximately how long does it take to cross the current version of Route 66?

The historic version of Route 66, at 1,410 miles, takes around five or six days to cross.


The longest section of Route 66 runs through which state?

If you travel through all of Route 66, you will spend more time in Arizona than in any other state.


Which famous landmark will you pass while driving across Route 66?

On the way from Illinois to California, on Route 66, you will pass through Arizona. While there you can visit the Grand Canyon, one of the most beautiful sites in the United States.


How tall are the teepees at Wigwam Motel?

The Wigwam Motel in California has 30-foot (9-meter) tall teepees with a diameter of 25 feet.


In which state is the Petrified Forest?

Besides the Grand Canyon, you can go to Arizona to enjoy Petrified Forest National Park.


How large is the Petrified Forest?

At 52,000 acres (21,000 hectares), the Petrified Forest is a great place to hunt for fossils.


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