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Many of us consider an RV road trip a rare -- and sometimes harrowing -- experience in family fun. In this quiz, we'll look at some fun facts about RVs, vacations and road trip safety. What's your RV IQ?

Let's start with the basics: Do you know what an anode rod is?

An anode rod goes into your coach's water heater, working like an air filter to attract stuff that would cause your tank to rust and eventually leak. It should be replaced every year.


How many road trips does the average American family with children take over the course of a year?

Seventy-nine percent of families with children take two or more road trips a year -- meaning that parents average 36 percent more trips than adults without children -- and for most families, that number goes up to four or five.


What's the most often-forgotten article reported by travelers?

A full quarter of road travelers forget their cameras or video equipment -- just a bit more than those 21 percent who forget their toothbrushes or other toiletries.


What on earth is gray water?

Gray water is the waste water that comes from your sinks and shower. It's reusable for other purposes, unlike the other kinds of waste water you'll be dealing with.


One of the most popular road trip songs, Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild," appeared in "Easy Rider" in 1969, the Summer of Love. When did the hit song originally debut?

Given the timeliness of the film, it's no surprise the song had been a hit just a year earlier, in June of 1968.


How many employed American adults actually use their vacation time?

Thirty-four percent of employed U.S. adults never get around to using their vacation days for their intended purpose.


Propane often provides the power for your RV's interior courtesies, even providing the electricity for your family's refrigerator. What's the rule on use of propane while traveling?

Driving with your propane tank connected can cause a fire. Turn it off at the tank every time you get moving. And don't worry -- your fridge can keep things cold for up to eight hours without power.


The family vacation is an American tradition. On average, how many vacationers are traveling with children?

About 30 percent of all vacationers have children or grandchildren with them. Grandparents traveling with grandchildren represent seven percent of all adult travelers in the United States.


Safety is central to traveling cross-country, and knowing the dangers is key to preventing them. How do most RV fires start?

The majority of RV fires are caused by a 12-volt short, so check those connections before and after every trip.


RV travel is one of the great American pastimes. But what's the environmental price?

Compared with conventional air-and-drive vacations, RV travel actually has a lower carbon footprint.


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