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Are your household cleansers safe? How can you know which one to choose? Though the answer to that question gets more complicated with each passing year, our informative quiz will provide you with some answers.

Which groups are trying to help you make safer choices about household cleansers?

United States government agencies and consumer watchdog groups are working to help you make safer choices about the household cleansers you buy, but the process is a slow one.


What's the smart way to make good choices about household cleansers?

Identifying potential hazards and dealing with them is a process that can take time. Stay informed and rely on your instincts to make good choices about household products.


For safety's sake, what should you do before using any household cleanser?

Before using any household cleanser, check the directions and cautions on the label. It's important to carefully follow instructions for use.


Which of the following combinations releases a toxic gas when mixed together?

Mixing different cleaners can be very dangerous. Mixing bleach and ammonia releases a toxic gas, even though using either alone is relatively safe.


You should evaluate the _____ safety of your cleaning products, as well as their safety for your family.

Not only are certain products unsafe for your family, they are bad for the environment, as well.


If you think someone has been exposed to a toxic cleaning product or other dangerous substance, call the:

If you think someone has been exposed to a toxic cleaning product or other dangerous substance, call the poison control hot line. They are professionally trained to deal with accidental poisoning.


Which United States government department maintains a website with information about the safety of consumer products?

For safety information about a particular household product, check the manufacturer's Web site, or look for the product at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Household Products Database Web site.


Never use household cleansers:

Never use cleaning solvents around food or in an unventilated area. Make sure to use them in the recommended concentrations only and never mix two products together.


Store household cleansers in:

Store all household cleansers in a safe and secure area, preferably a locked cabinet or closet.


Green or "natural" household cleansers are _____ safe to use.

You can't assume that natural or green always means good or safe. Sometimes such products are safe, but you need to check labels and ingredient lists to be sure.


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