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Any parent knows that toy safety should be taken seriously. Toy safety includes not only choking hazards and toxicity levels, but also the length of handles and the use of toy guns. Generally, it's important for parents to follow the age recommendations on toys.

How many children's products were recalled in 2007?

A shocking 45 million children's products were recalled in 2007 due to significant hazards. Thankfully, the safety of children's products has improved since then.


Why are toys typically recalled?

The American Consumer Product Safety Commission enforces toy safety regulations. Millions of toys each year get recalled for high toxicity levels and choking hazards.


What decibel level is considered acceptable in toys that produce noise?

Check the package before you buy a toy that produces noise. The toy should not produce noise above 85 decibels.


How many children died due to choking on small toy parts between 1990 and 2007?

Even with strict toy safety regulations, 200 American children died due to choking on small toy parts between 1990 and 2007. In 2008 alone, three children died this same way.


What is the minimum size a toy is required to be for children under three years old?

Any toy that is produced for children under three needs to be at least 1.75 inches in diameter. Follow age recommendations when purchasing toys and don't purchase toys for your toddler that are intended for older children.


Toys that produce heat are not safe for children under:

Not many toys produce heat but certain toys, like a toy baking set, is not appropriate for a child under eight. Younger children may use the toy inappropriately, resulting in injury.


Toys that have long handles or drumsticks are not safe for children under:

A child under four years old can choke on long handles or toy drumsticks.


Toy guns are not appropriate for children under:

Toy guns, such as cap guns, BB guns and pellet guns, can result in serious injury. This toy is not appropriate for any child under 16.


What substance is typically found in toxic children's toys?

Both lead and phthalates are toxic, even in trace amounts, and have been found in children's toys. Lead is a neurotoxin and causes brain damage, and phthalates can cause reproductive problems.


Any toy more than ____ years old should not be used.

Don't buy or accept used toys that are more than 10 years old, as these toys likely do not meet the current toy safety standards.


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