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"Sailor Moon" spread Japanese anime and manga 'round the world. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the world of "Sailor Moon"!

How old is Usagi Tsukino when she becomes Sailor Moon?

The young schoolgirl is just 14 years old when she takes on the role of Sailor Moon and the job of saving the world.


Who is NOT one of the five original Sailor <i>Senshi</i>?

The five original <i>Senshi</i> include Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.


True or false: Naoko Takeuchi's original manga focuses on Sailor Venus.

Sailor Venus was originally the star of the show, but when the series hit the big-time, the creator decided that a focus on five main characters was the best plan.


What is a Senshi?

<i>Senshi </i>is Japanese for "soldier" or "guardian." The Senshi guard Sailor Moon and help her protect the planet.


What gives the Sailors their power?

Sailor Moon and her friends take their powers from the Sailor Crystals.


What is Mamoru Chiba's nickname?

Mamoru Chiba is better known as Tuxedo Mask and serves as a love interest for Sailor Moon.


Which Sailor is the Soldier of Wisdom?

The book-loving Sailor Mercury hopes to be a doctor one day and is the Soldier of Wisdom and Water.


What is Sailor Mars the soldier of?

The focused Sailor Mars is the Soldier of Passion and Fire.


Which Sailor is the Soldier of Thunder?

Sailor Jupiter, who is known for her tremendous fighting skill, is the Soldier of Thunder and Courage.


True or false: Sailor Venus is the Solider of Love.

Sailor Venus, who closely resembles Sailor Moon visually, acts as the Soldier of Love and Beauty.


What is Sailor Moon's true identity?

Sailor Moon, Soldier of Love and Justice, was once Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom.


What is Chibiusa better known as?

Chibiusa, or Sailor Chibi Moon, is a child from the 30th century who is often known as Small Lady.


Who is the guardian of the Time Gate?

The green-haired Sailor Pluto has powers related to time and space.


Who is the Solider of Sky and Flight?

Sailor Uranus, who is known for her tremendous sword-fighting skills, is the Soldier of Sky and Flight.


Which Sailor has a magic mirror?

Sailor Neptune harnesses the power of the sea using her Deep Aqua Mirror. She is also the romantic partner of Sailor Uranus.


What is Sailor Saturn's major power?

Sailor Saturn uses force fields and energy beams in her role as the Soldier of Destruction and Death.


Who rules the Dark Kingdom?

Queen Beryl, whose goal is to reawaken Queen Metaria, rules the Dark Kingdom, or Negaverse.


Where does the Black Moon Clan hail from?

The group, led by Prince Demande, comes from the planet Nemesis.


Where is Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon Circus trapped?

The Dead Moon Circus, lead by Zirconia, has a mission to free Queen Nehelenia from her mirror prison.


What kind of creature is Luna?

Luna the cat helps Usagi in her transformation into Sailor Moon.


What does the Shadow Galactica seek to steal?

Led by Sailor Galaxia, the members of Shadow Galactica devote themselves to stealing and collecting star seeds.


What do Ail and Ann rely on for life energy?

Aliens Ail and Ann must collect energy from the Hell Tree, or Doom Tree, in order to survive.


What are Sailors Star Fighter, Star Maker and Star Healer better known as?

The three Sailors, who hail from the planet Kinmoku, make up the Sailor Starlights.


What band are the Sailor Starlights part of?

To mask their Sailor identities, the Sailor Starlights are in an all-male pop band known as the Three Lights.


Who is Queen of the Moon?

Queen Serenity is Queen of the Moon until she sacrifices herself so her daughter and the other Sailors can save the world.


What year did the "Sailor Moon" cartoon premiere in the U.S.?

The cartoon aired in Japan from 1995 to 1997 and in the U.S. from 1995 to 2000.


What is the show known as in Japan?

In Japan, the young Sailor is known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


True or false: Sailor Moon was inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Looking to create a version of the MMPR for girls, Naoko Takeuchi came up with Sailor Moon and her friends.


True or false: In the manga, each of the Sailors has her own castle.

While Sailor Moon's Moon Castle features heavily in the anime series, each of the Sailors has a castle of her own in the manga.


Where is Luna from?

Luna and Artemis are aliens who look like cats and hail from the planet Mau.


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