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Salmon fishing looks so idyllic when shown in movies and television--a man in hip waders standing in a rushing river. Actually, several popular methods of salmon fishing are practiced from a boat. Take this quiz to find out more about good salmon fishing techniques.

What is the most efficient way to fish salmon from a boat?

A downrigger is the most efficient way.


Why is a downrigger the most efficient way to fish salmon from a boat?

A downrigger allows for fishing in deeper waters and the option to fish with more than one line.


When is a long-arm downrigger required to fish?

A long-arm downrigger is needed to fish in water depths greater than 22 feet (6.7 meters).


What kind of crank is a portable and less expensive option for downrigging?

A manual crank may be moved from boat to boat and is less expensive than an electric crank.


How big was the largest salmon catch on record?

The largest catch on record was in Alaska in 1985 and the fish weighed in at 97.4 pounds (44 kilos).


What kind of waterway is a good choice for using a planer board?

Planer boards are a good choice for lakes, they do not perform well in waters with heavy currents.


What are planer boards constructed of?

Planer boards are constructed of wood, plastic or foam.


What equipment do you use to fly fish?

Fly fishers use hips waders and although a boat is not an essential, it could come in handy.


When is the spawning season for salmon?

Salmon spawn during the spring and fall.


What type of fishing rod is longer and more flexible?

The fly fishing pole is longer and more flexible.


What do the fly-fishing flies resemble?

The flies resemble the salmon's natural prey of minnow, needle fish or herring.


What is trolling?

Trolling is fishing from a moving boat.


When trolling, from what part of the boat should you cast your line?

Cast your line from the side or back of the boat when trolling.


How long may you need to battle a large salmon to bring it in?

It may take up to an hour to pull in a larger salmon.


If your salmon tastes dense and dry, what happened?

Don’t overcook the salmon or you will have a dense and dry meal.


Where can you float fish?

Float fishing may be done from a boat, dock or a shoreline. It's a simple way to catch salmon.


What fishing method allows you to cast into weeds or lilies?

A popular place to float fish is into weeds or lilies.


What other animals also like to eat salmon?

Bears and seals are among the salmon's most avid predators.


What bait do salmon prefer?

Salmon will pass over herring or minnow for egg sacks.


Where can you procure egg sacks?

Egg sacks are available wherever fish bait is sold or you can collect them yourself. Imitation egg sacks are also available.


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